Babolat vs Head vs Wilson: Our ideal Tennis Racquet

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Tennis is the ideal sport for social interaction and physical activity. It has many positive health effects.

We love to be an active person. That is why We exercise regularly and to do that; We always prefer tennis. However, buying the appropriate racquet can improve your performance whether you are a beginner or an expert player.

However, there are different brands of tennis racquets, and Babolat, Head, and Wilson are three. But how are Babolat vs. Head vs. Wilson racquets? If you want to know about their features, you can feel free to go through this review article.


Babolat: A Brand of Tennis Racquets

babolat vs Head vs Wilson 

The tennis world initially recognized Babolat for making some of the best rackets. They are highly well-liked by recreational players. The reason is that they want to maximize their games with good spin and power.

Head: A Brand of Tennis Racquets 


The best tennis rackets available on the market are produced by Head, a company known for its high-quality tennis equipment. They sell racquets for juniors, professionals, and beginners. Head tennis racquets are available in various models with varying dimensions, weights, string patterns, etc.

Wilson: A Brand of Tennis Racquets 


One of the first and most well-known producers of rackets is Wilson. Wilson’s brand is known for its more understated designs emphasizing simplicity and elegance. In order to stay competitive, Wilson has recently broadened its line of rackets into a variety of distinct playing qualities.

Powerful Racquets

  • The Babolat Pure Drive

One of the widely acknowledged power rackets is the Babolat Pure Drive. However, it has been designed over the years with players who enjoy hitting hard. The best strings for Babolat Pure Drive are Babolat Combo pack RPM Blast strings. So if you need more information about it click here 

  • Wilson Ultra

Wilson Ultra was released a few years ago in reaction to Babolat’s Pure Drive. Compared to Pure Drive, it feels relatively soft but is almost as powerful. It is a thicker-beamed racket.

  • Wilson Clash

The Wilson Clash is a brand-new and distinctive invention from the Wilson brand. It promises to deliver power, feel, comfort, and stability. But only a good racket can’t give a good experience. Your also need  a good string. So, what do you think which racket is good for the best strings for Wilson clash. If you want to know which is best for You wilson clash click here

Spinning Racquets

  • Wilson Burn

Another best spinning racquet is Wilson Burn. It offers enough spin in its way because of the spin effect technology models that significantly opened up the string pattern.

  • Babolat Pure Aero

Babolat Pure Aero is the best spinning racquet. However, the Pure Aero was built to generate as many RPMs as possible while spinning the ball. And the best strings for Babolat pure aero is RPM Blast. If you want to know about RPM Blast click here.

3 Best Tennis Racquets from Babolat, Head, Wilson

In this section, you will learn about the three best tennis racquets from renowned brands: Babolat, Head, and Wilson.

1.Babolat Evoke 105 Strung Tennis Racquet

The Babolat Evoke 105 is undoubtedly one of the most reasonably priced rackets on the market. It is built entirely of fused graphite, which is unique at this price point. But most similar-cost rackets are composed of titanium or a low-quality alloy.

Moreover, Evoke’s flexibility is one of its more odd and intriguing features. A machine holds a racket’s handle and tips while bending it to determine how straightforwardly it flexes.

Babolat-Evoke tennis-racket

This is how a racket’s stiffness is determined. It vibrates more and is usually more powerful but rougher on the arm. Tennis elbow and other arm problems can be worse by a racket with a more excellent stiffness rating.

However, a stiff racket is defined as having a stiffness of 64 or higher. A flexible racket has a stiffness rating of 63 or lower. The Evoke is highly flexible, with a flex rating of 58, making it exceptionally cozy and gentle on the arm.

Additionally, the Evoke 105 produces enough power to let you make challenging shots with ease. To increase its power, it also has a relatively large head and a narrow beam that measures 25mm in the upper region of the head and 22mm in the throat.

Most importantly, it makes creative use of power and control generation. This version’s accelerated pace offers players a variety of gameplay options.


  • It offers an ideal balance of stability.
  • It has greater forgiveness.
  • You can use it with ease.
  • It gives outstanding maneuverability.
  • It is reasonably priced.


  • It frequently needs to be restrung.

2.HEAD 2022 Speed MP Tennis Racquet

Head 2022 Speed MP is another tennis racquet counted in the comparison of Babolat vs. Head vs. Wilson. The Speed MP is a very flexible racquet. It gives an excellent control frame and feels intermediate to advanced players.

Moreover, it provides some easier maneuverability than the Pro edition. Also, it has the “sensational feel” of Auxetic construction.

Also, the Speed MP weighs 10.6 ounces unstrung, slightly above average. And it will provide you a lot of stability and power on large swings without being as heavy as the heaviest racquets.


Additionally, the racquet will not feel heavy because of its head-light weight and balance. Thus, it gives players outstanding racquet speed and maneuverability for improved spin potential and rapid, dynamic volleys.

With a head size of 100 square inches, there is a relatively large sweet spot with a grand entrance to considerable comfort and power potential. The open string pattern will boost the pop off the stringed for a comparatively increased rise in power potential.

Thus, it offers a little more comfort and makes it simpler to access spin. Moreover, the racquet’s flexibility makes playing more comfortable, and the ball feels better.

However, Head upgrades the Speed line’s technological capabilities using Auxetic technology. For increased stability and power, the frame is being strengthened with graphene technology. Other features in the “technology” section enhance the Speed series’ capacity to offer a fast-paced game.


  • It has greater maneuverability.
  • It has a lot of stability.
  • It provides comfort and power.
  • It is simpler to spin.
  • It is more flexible.


  • Using it a second time will not provide the same stability and control.

3.Wilson Clash 100 Tour Unstrung Tennis Racquet

Racquets are often divided into two categories: classic frames and modern frames. Wilson Clash 100 is a contemporary frame with cutting-edge technologies, including Carbon Mapping, FreeFlex, and StableMart.

Moreover, with a 55 RA flex level that provides comfort and sensation in the player’s hand, the Wilson Clash 100 is one of the most flexible racquets on the market. Its head is larger than the average head size, measuring 100 square inches (98 sq. inches).

It denotes a sizable sweet spot with greater support for off-center shots. Its beam thickness (24.5mm, 24.5mm, and 24.5mm) prevents it from being used by players who favor volleys.


Wilson Clash 100 offers quick swing speed because of its 7pt headlamp (HL) balance, and 326g strung weight. Consequently, it is the perfect option for players who wish to enhance their skills and are at the intermediate to advanced levels.

The Wilson Clash 100 is the only most flexible racquet on the list of the Best Tennis Racquets. It has a low flex level of 55 RA, which is another important consideration.

It is made by Carbon mapping and FreeFlex technologies. These technologies allow it to bend effectively for optimal ball pocketing and control.

To provide additional stability, racquets are often either heavy or stiff. However, the Wilson Clash 100 is built and constructed using Stablemart & FreeFlex technology. These technologies make it the most flexible, stable frame and heavy.


  • It is extremely powerful.
  • It provides a simple spin.
  • It offers a forgiving and adaptable frame.
  • It is convenient for the arm.
  • It provides various grip sizes.


  • It lacks consistency.
  • It is for experienced players.

The Ultimate Buying Guide of Tennis Racquets

After knowing the difference between Babolat vs. Head vs. Wilson racquets, you should know another thing which is the buying guidelines.

The reason is that a random pick of tennis racquet will not be a good option. Before purchasing a tennis racquet, you should consider the following things:

  • Level of Skill

It is crucial to assess your skill level and choose which rackets the best suit your needs before purchasing. For instance, if you have little experience, think about purchasing a racket with a bigger frame that offers extra power. For more attacking, aggressive control, experts suggest a narrower, lighter, and more gripping frame.

  • Personal Goals

Before spending money on equipment, deciding what you want to accomplish is crucial. If you want to participate thoughtfully, you could think about buying several high-end rackets in case one break during a match. Furthermore, if your primary goal is to have fun, you can get away with something simpler.

  • Head Size of A Racquet

A bigger racquet head allows beginners more stroke forgiveness and a larger area of contact with the ball. On the other hand, advanced players who generate their power frequently look for a smaller head.

It is because a smaller head gives them greater control over their shots. The typical size of a tennis racket is between 85 and 110 square inches. This collection of racquet heads strikes a mix between power and control.

  • Weight of A Racquet

The racquet’s weight, which varies between brands and types, should be another consideration. The stability improves with racquet weight.

Younger or less experienced players should use lighter racquets since they are more maneuverable but are regarded as less stable. It is easier to place your shot when you are just starting if the racket is heavier and stiffer and has a greater surface area.

  • Balls

It is another thing to consider while buying a tennis racquet. If you have a Wilson tennis ball in hand, you should buy a racquet from the Wilson brand.

The reason is that a Wilson racquet will adhere most with a Wilson tennis ball. So, in this case, the best tennis ball will be the Wilson ball.

  • Comfort

Vibration is most frequently linked to comfort. To play and place shots with more accuracy at first, you should try to reduce your shock. The control and connectivity are made possible by heavier rackets, improving the novice player’s ability to absorb and handle the shock.

  • Tennis Backpack

A tennis backpack is another vital consideration. How? Imagine that you are looking for a tennis racquet considering the above-stated things.

And you finally choose a Babolat tennis racquet. So, if you pick a Babolat tennis racquet, you should choose the best tennis backpack for your racquet to protect it from water and heat.

  • Budget

Naturally, investing in a pricey racket makes little sense if you cannot afford it. So, it is advisable to set a budget before making a purchase.

While inexpensive rackets can be found for under $100, premium models can cost over $200. The quality of the components and the design both improve with the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.When Should Your Tennis Racquet Be Restrung?

Your frequency of play will determine how often you need to restring your tennis racquet. Generally speaking, you should restring your racquet as frequently as you play every week over the year. While this is generally accepted, some exceptions exist, such as when a string is broken.

2.How Do You Choose The Ideal Grip Size?

Using a ruler, measure the distance from the base of your lateral palm crease to the tip of your ring finger to determine the ideal grip size without a racquet. It should be about four inches for adults. You can always increase the size of the grip if necessary.

3.Do I Need To Try Out A Racket First?

I will recommend trying out a racket before buying it. But if you are a novice, it could be challenging to tell what you like or the difference between rackets.

4.What Is The Ideal Weight Of A Tennis Racquet?

No matter how skilled you are, your physical condition will determine the racquet’s weight. The ideal racket weighs between 280g and 320g unstrung for men and 270g to 310g unstrung for women.

5.Which Tennis Racket Is The Most Powerful?

The most powerful tennis racquet is the “HEAD Ti.S6,” based on people’s experience. It creates maximum power with ordinary swings because of its extra-large sweet spot and vast body.

6.What Tennis Racket Has The Best Control?

The “Babolat Pure Strike (16×19)” has the greatest control. The reason is that when you play with it, its 327 swing weight and 4pt HL balance let you feel in control.

7.What Tennis Racket Is Ideal For Intermediate Players?

Tennis players at the intermediate level can use a variety of rackets. It is crucial to comprehend your play style and match the racket’s qualities.

It all depends on how they feel once you get them on the court. The Wilson Clash 100, Head Radical MP, and Prince Phantom 100x (290) are excellent options.

8.Should I Use A Tennis Racquet With A Large Head Or A Small Head Size?

Choose a bigger head racquet if you are a beginner tennis player. It provides for increased accuracy, more power, and a larger margin of error.

You can pick a small head-size racquet if you are an experienced player. However, you should pick one with balanced features.

Final Thoughts

Tennis racquet selection is an essential task. It is essential because a wrong selection can lead you to suffer a lot. So, it is essential to choose them wisely.

To get help, you can follow this review article entitled Babolat vs. Head vs. Wilson. This article will help you to understand the characteristics of these three tennis racquets. Also, it will guide you in selecting the best racquet.

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