Babolat vs Wilson Tennis Shoes

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As a tennis player one of the most essential parts of your game is your shoe. Your tennis shoe decides how comfortably you can move. Though you may think your tennis racket might be your sword to win the battle. But it is your tennis shoe that is behind your stability to get the game.


Both Babolat and Wilson are offering their amazing best tennis shoe to move you ahead. Yet, when it is time to pick one among them, you get confused. The question starts to go around your mind, Babolat vs Wilson. Which one is actually best for your game? So, scroll down to have a clear look.


Babolat Tennis Shoe

The brand Babolat started its journey almost 150 years ago. Till now the brand is considered just like a powerhouse of a tennis court. The French brand offers you all the essentials and the best tennis types of equipment. Though this brand is widely recognized for tennis racquets and tennis string. But for more than a decade, the company got an immense appreciation for its best tennis shoe as well.

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Though Babolat started its journey in 1875. But the brand made tennis shoes for the first time in 2003. In such a short duration of time, the brand reached the highest peak for its shoe. Alike Nike tennis shoes, Adidas, and some other brands, Babolat has become one of the most renowned brands.

Specialties of Babolat Tennis Shoe

While you are preparing for your game, picking the right pieces of equipment becomes the most crucial part. Because, with the exception of practicing, the equipment is so necessary. Your tennis racket, tennis string, tennis gear, and lateral support are the things to lead you to success.

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Apart from all the instruments, there is another key element you must remember. That is your tennis shoe. Shoes providing comfort, stability, and durability are like an element to turn the table on the tennis court. All these key elements are contained in Babolat tennis shoes.

According to databases, Babolat is one of the most widely used brands in the United States. In fact, the brand has a huge demand all around the world. The way they serve you with their types of equipment, especially the racquet and shoe are like no other.

The specialties of Babolat tennis shoes are:

  • Best as running shoes
  • Provides maximum comfort
  • Breathable mesh
  • Perfectly made for court surface
  • Appropriate for pure strike
  • Best tennis shoes for wide feet
  • Contains special cushioning
  • Best for durability and stability
  • Examined by experts

That’s the reason, Babolat brand has got such wide recognition for all their special qualities.

Wilson Tennis Shoe

Just like Babolat, Wilson is another huge renowned tennis shoe brand. The brand started its journey in 1989 through a Finnish multinational Company named ‘Amer Sports’. Mostly, Wilson manufactures goods in China. But the headquarter of the company is in Chicago, Illinois. In 2019, Wilson went under a Chinese company named ‘Chinese Anta Sports’.
Wilson rush pro
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At first, Wilson started as a company for clothing. They established their clothing mills in Ironton, Ohio, and Tullahoma, Tennessee. But soon the company decided to invest in sports instruments. Besides, making uniforms, tennis racquets, and so on, the brand has got immense popularity for its tennis shoe.

Specialties of Wilson Tennis Shoe

Rather than a short duration, the Wilson brand reached such a prestigious level. They are supplying the goods both in the United States and China. Moreover, for some years, the brand started shipping all over the world because of its special Wilson tennis instruments.

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Recently Wilson brand launched its best ever tennis shoe. Though Wilson tennis shoes are always considered the top. But its new edition has come with immense demand and a high rating. Wilson rush pro and Wilson Kaos are leading among all. Though the Wilson Kaos series has got top core scores from users.

Wilson Kaos 3.0

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  • Top Wilson tennis shoes overall.
  • Core Score: 84
  • Rating 4.3 from 275 users.
  • Excellent traction.
  • Great flexibility.
  • Comfortable.
  • Narrow fitting.

Wilson Kaos 3.0 SFT

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  • Top Wilson all-court tennis shoe.
  • Core Score: 85
  • Rating 4.4 from 401 users.
  • Breathable mesh.
  • Excellent durability.
  • High quality stability and comfort.
  • Anticipate amazing grip.

Wilson Kaos 2.0 SFT

  • Top lightweight Wilson tennis shoes.
  • Core Score: 86
  • Rating 4.6 from 87 users
  • Unique styling and colorways
  • Lightweight
  • Superb fit and flexible
  •  Provide maximum comfort for wide foot.

Babolat vs Wilson

Both Babolat and Wilson began their glorious journey in the 90s. Passing a long period of time, their brand is now at its highest peak. Babolat, the brand providing maximum comfort and excellent stability is the first choice for many players.

On the contrary, Wilson has gained immense demand for their lightweight tennis shoe. This brand is providing you with excellent traction and superb flexibility. Moreover, the Wilson brand has established environment friendly mills. They are supporting pure aero as well. So, now it is up to you which brand of tennis shoe suits you more.


1.Is Wilson better than Babolat?

Usually, Babolat is considered more acceptable than Wilson. Though the two brands are almost at an equal level. But as a tennis brand, Babolat is more to like for the baseliners.

2.Why is Babolat so popular?

Babolat is mostly popular for its unique and bold designs. Moreover, the stability and durability keep the players comfy during the game.

 3.Where are Babolat shoes made?

Babolat shoes are mainly manufactured in China. But their headquarters is in Lyon, France. Babolat added tennis shoes with its other tennis products in 2014.

Final Word

Babolat and Wilson, the two are now reached the level of many famous brands like Nike or Adidas. Though both companies started their path with sports equipment. Such as tennis racquets, uniforms, tennis gear, footballs, tennis balls, tennis string, and so on. But got huge acceptance for their exceptional tennis shoe.

Both brands are quite conscious of the quality of their product. That’s the reason, they always respect the feedback of the players and try their best to provide you with high quality. So, being a player, now you don’t need to get tense about your shoes. Just figure out your needs and take a look at which brand seems more for you.

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