7 Best Strings For Babolat Pure Drive Reviews In 2023

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Babolat Pure Drive is one of the great racquets of the brand. With its larger sweet spot, the racquet is ideal for every level of players. Over time, the string of the racquet gets worn and loses its playability, comfort, and power. In this stage, you should re-string the racquet better to withstand the immense pressure of a tennis ball.

But it is very challenging to find a good tennis string according to your playing level. Using a particular string that perfectly adopts you’re playing style is extremely necessary. In this article, you can explore the 8  best strings for Babolat Pure Drive.


The benefits of the best strings:

Racquet strings are the connection point where the ball is exerted with immense pressure. This part needs to be flexible and strong enough. A tennis ball can come at speeds more than 100 mph. If your racquet string is not durable enough, the ball can snap when you hit the ball with great speed. So if you need the best tennis ball string for ultimate protection click here.

Our Top Picks

We have assembled our picks based on much research according to the player’s point of view. So these choices will help to make a good decision and you will find the best strings for your Babolat Pure Drive racquet.

1)Best Overall:

Babolat Combo Pack RPM Blast

This combo pack is designed for optimum durability, grip, and spin.

2)Best for a maximum spin:

Babolat RPM Blast 100m Tennis String

The octagonal profile helps to provide incredible spin to the ball.

3)Best For Firmness:

Solinco Hyper-G Heaven High Spin poly string

The solid strings generate more power, and you can ht hard shots.

4)Best for full-swing players:

Babolat RPM Blast Tennis String (12m)

The strings can be game-changers who are hard hitters and serve with full swing.

5)Best for premium quality:

Tourna Premium Poly Durable Tennis String

The string features a premium poly construction that is extremely durable, still retaining enough tension.

6)Best for stretchability:

WILSON NXT 40-Feet String

The string has a superior elastic outer core for a better feel and performance.

7)Best for professionals:

Babolat Rpm Blast Black 18g

The string offers more spin and control, and this is why many professional players use the string.

8) Best for control:

EAD Lynx Edge Tennis String

EAD Lynx Edge Tennis String is one of the best strings for control. It is very comfortable and provides excellent ball feel. The string also has great spin potential and is very durable.

8 Best Strings Review For Babolat Pure Drive

The string is an important component of the racquet. It impacts the ball directly. The profile of the strings helps to add more spin to the ball. Moreover, you need a durable strong for long-lasting usage. These recommended racquet strings will completely match your playing style.

1)Babolat Combo Pack RPM Blast

RPM blast combo pack is one of the best strings for your Babolat Pure Drive racquet. These hybrid stings combine high-quality natural gut VS with RPM blast for the optimal experience. If you are seeking the best performance from the racquet’s stringed, then the Babolat hybrid string will be an ideal choice for you. Nowadays, the usage of hybrid strings is common in international tours.


Dimensions: ‎7 x 6 x 0.05 inches (L x W x H)

Length: 2 x 20 feet spools

Gauge: 16mm, 17mm

Weight: 0.05 Pound

Key Features 

  • Hybrid strings create exceptional control with maximum access to spin
  • The strings provide higher power, feel, and comfort.
  • Your racquet will gain extra durability and extended elongation.

What customers say:

The hybrid combination of RPM blast with natural VS gut is designed for a higher spin that will match the modern game. The texture of the surface offers an extra grip on the ball. If you can make the right swing, you can get a superior rotation per shot.

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But natural gut gauge wears quickly.

2)Babolat RPM Blast 100m Tennis String

Babolat RPM Blast is the best head tennis strings that work for the majority of players. It is the name of the best choice for Rafael Nadal, Jo Wilfred Tsonga, and many more. The latest technology of the strings offers amazing control over the ball. RPM blast black is the most demanding string on the market because it provides a totally unique feel to others.


Dimensions: 7874 x 0.05 x 1.97 inches (L x W x H)

Weight: 0.85

Color: Black

Length: 660 feet

Gauge: 17 (1.25 mm)

Type: Monofilament

Key Features 

  • The strings are made of high-density co-polyester monofilament material
  • The octagonal profile with cross-linked silicone coating helps to return the actual position quickly and increase ball bite.
  • They provide more control and incredible spin to the ball.
  • A powerful and ultra-high-speed response helps to improve the game.

What customers say: 

RPM blast strings have a longer lifespan so it is worthwhile to get one. The polyester strings offer a great feel, high control, more power, and maximum spin. If you use the best pressureless tennis ball, then you will enjoy an excellent tournament.

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Some beginner players may have problems adjusting to the stiffness of the racquet.

3)Solinco Hyper-G Heaven High Spin poly string

Solinco Hyper-Gare is a newly developed tennis string that perfectly adopts the Babolat pure drive string pattern. It is not only ideal for Babolat but also the best strings for Wilson Clash. This versatile and high-performance string design gives you a softer feel with low tension on the string. So it would be helpful to control the ball on the field.


Dimensions: ‎7 x 5 x 1 inches (L x W x H)

Weight: 0.04 kilograms

Length: 40 feet

Gauge: 16L (1.25 mm)

Color: Green

Key Features 

  • Co-polyester strings are designed for super control on the ball, even allowing to serve hard hits.
  • They generate extreme power for an intense spin and bite.
  • Made from high-powered polyester monofilament fiber.

What customers say: 

The strings are ideal for beginner to pro-level of players. The crisp and firmness of the strings let you hit the ball without arm fatigue which is a big advantage. Moreover, the created power helps to permit hard hits without loss of control.
babolat-tennis-rackets7 Best Strings For Babolat Pure Drive Reviews In 2023 1

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Some players claim that the softer poly losses spin.

4)Babolat RPM Blast Tennis String (12m)

Among a lot of options of polyester strings out there, RPM Blast is the one that is just known as a storm. Players of all levels can easily handle the strings and that is the main reason for its popularity. This is a polyester tennis spin string that provides the best spin in the world. So it is an ideal choice for modern players who want to hit in many different ways.


Dimensions: ‎472.44 x 0.05 x 1.97 inches (L x W x H)

Weight: ‎0.02 Grams

Length: 40 feet

Color: Black

Material: ‎Co-polyester monofilament

Gauge: 16 (1.3 mm)

Key Features 

  • Perfect for having more control over the ball.
  • The octagonal section and cross-linked silicone coating give a stable position after hitting.
  • High-density co-polyester monofilament string enhances bite for maximum spin.
  • It offers power and a high-speed response.

What customers say: 

In terms of the spinning, there is hardly any brand that can beat the RPM blast. The unique shapes of the string give more grip when the ball contact with the strings and the texture helps with spin. It also gives overall control and you can control every single shot.

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It is not for those players who have slow swings.

5)Tourna Premium Poly Durable Tennis String

Tourna premium strings are made using the latest technology and they are excellent for arm-friendly multifilaments. The high-quality polyether makes the string a better shock absorber and increases comfort. Moreover, it retains incredible power, durability, tension maintenance, and amazing resistance to movement.


Dimensions: ‎10 x 9.5 x 2.5 inches (L x W x H)

Weight: 1.19 Pounds

Material: Polyester

Length: 660 feet

Gauge: 16 (1.30 mm)

Key Features 

  • An advanced blend of polyester material makes the strings suitable for heavy topspin play.
  • Deliver huge spin and power for serving every shot.
  • It is the best arm-friendly string on the market.
  • The string is designed for higher durability and more control.

What customers say: 

Tourna polyester strings are made of advanced polyether materials. It is the best poly string for tennis as it provides durability and power for successful shots. If you want heavy topspin on the court, then you can pick the Tourna strings. Further, it is ideal for long-time usage.

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The string is not available in 40 feet version.

6)WILSON NXT 40-Feet String

Wilson is an iconic American brand that is one of the best sports manufacturers in the world. Its NXT 40 feet string is also the best recommendation for Babolat Pure Drive. This string is great for both professional and beginner players. The quality and feel of the string are very unique and easy to produce more energy with less power.


Dimensions: ‎5 x 2 x 1 inches (L x W x H)

Weight: ‎0.05 Pounds

Gauge: 16

Material: Xycro Micro Fiber

Key Features 

  • The string is made of Xycro Micro Fibers for great feel and comfort while playing tennis
  • It is lightweight and soft for better handling and control.
  • It supports a variety of playing styles and players of every level can use it.
  • Available in different colors which ensures an excellent appearance.

What customers say: 

Wilson NXT string contains solid components for durability and perfect balance. This best soft poly tennis string has a softer and more elastic outer core that delivers agility. You will have a much better performance with less energy. The spinning range is also satisfying for the intermediate to pro players.

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The string doesn’t last long which is a drawback.

7)Babolat Rpm Blast Black 18g

RPM Blast string is undoubtedly Babolat’s most legendary product. It is a brandable name for tennis players. The firm and durable co-poly makes it the best tennis string for topspin. The RPM blast has a little bit softer feel than traditional polyesters. But it is not the softest co-poly in the market. From the beginning, RPM Blast is the best choice for big hitters.

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Dimensions: 472.44 x 0.05 x 1.97 inches (L x W x H)

Weight: ‎0.02 Grams

Color: ‎Black

Material: ‎Silicone

Gauge: 18 (1.20 mm)

Length: 40 ft

Key Features 

  • The string has a composition of co-polyester monofilament for extra firmness and durability.
  • The slick surface of the string grabs the ball and snaps back with a huge spin to the shot.
  • The 18g version adds more spin and feels than the 16g or 17g versions.

What customers say: 

Babolat RPM Blast string adds exceptional spin to the shot. It is an ideal choice for big hitters with heavier racquet-seeking players. The 18g version of the RPM strings gives maximum control and power. According to the Babolat drive team review, the string is an excellent option for medium to advanced level players.

EAD Lynx Edge Tennis String

This time we have come up with an excellent Control-oriented tennis string that seamlessly combines greater control, higher power, and optimal speed simultaneously. The performance of the “HEAD Lynx Edge Tennis String” is what every tennis player desires on the court. The heptagonal shape offers the ball more bounce, contributing more twists to the game. Anyone will be impressed by the performance of the 12-meter-long string with 17 g gauge and 38 gm weight. Moreover, the well-constructed Polyester material has made it durable to last long.

Key features:

  • Heptagonal Shape: Head Lynx Edge has a distinct heptagonal shape that you rarely find in other tennis strings. The shape aids the ball in producing more spin. Therefore, even advanced-level club players can enjoy the game by inserting their potential to its fullest.
  • Length and Gauge: The strings are 12 meters long and have a gauge of 17 g. As a result, it is thinner and more easily playable.
  • Topspin: The smooth and round polyester composition provides real power of topspin because of its accurate snap back and extra bouncing.
  • Power: Head Lynx Edge is a low-powered tennis string. As a result, it is less likely to drop off the ground, providing a more comfortable experience.
  • Durability: The Head Lynx Edge tennis string is highly durable, unlike other tennis strings. As a result, players will not have to deal with breakage as frequently.

What customers say:

According to the users, the strings provide excellent spins. It doesn’t create a stiff feeling. Furthermore, it offers more power, control, and comfort than other strings of comparable value. The round polyester formation brings the actual capacity of the topspin. Overall, it’s a great deal for a high-quality poly string.

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In contrast, some clients have expressed dissatisfaction with the string’s power and color.


Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Strings For Babolat Pure Drive

Before buying the best string, you should consider some facts. If you are a beginner, then it will be a waste to buy a professional tennis string. Here is the guide so that you can get the best string for your racquet.

  • Level of play

While choosing the best string, you should consider the appropriate level of your play. There are different types of strings that are better suited for beginners or professionals. Beginners shouldn’t buy professional tennis strings as they lack the techniques to use the racquet.

  • Price Range:

Buying a string is an extra accessory for your racquet. Your budget will impact the quality. Obviously, the high-end strings are durable and last up to four times longer than regular tennis strings. But it may cost you extra. So if you are serious about your game, then you should invest in the best quality.

  • String Material

There are many types of materials used for the racquet strings. The natural gut is one of the most popular ones. Actually, this type is made of nylon which comes with an expensive price tag. Many professionals use natural guts. Polyester strings are the best alternatives to the natural gut. They are inexpensive and offer reliable performance on the field. You should pick among them according to your budget condition.

  • Power 

Some strings generate more power with less energy while striking a ball. Higher power strings are recommended as it undoubtedly increases the ball’s speed and can change the game. Whereas the lower-powered strings demand more energy from the player.

  • Spin

The string condition impacts the ball spin. Some potential strings generate more topspin. You need such a string that will generate more topspin. You must choose the strings with high-spin ratings. Babolat produces some incredible strings that generate optimal spin to the ball.

  • Control

Power and control are related. If you choose a lower power string then you will have more control, while higher-powered strings have less control. So you should find balanced strings that you can control with ease. The feel of impact also should be considered while buying the strings.

  • Durability 

You should look for durable racquet strings that tend to limit wear and tear from hitting and changing temperature. Otherwise, it will lead to breakage and reduce the lifespan of the strings. The strings should have a certain amount of shock and vibration absorber for your comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1)Are Babolat strings good?

Babolat strings are very popular among professional players. Especially, the RPM Blast is a tremendous string of the brand. It supplies superior spin, control, and feel while serving balls.

2)What is the softest tennis string?

Natural gut and multifilament strings are the softest tennis strings on the market. They are the best strings for tennis elbow due to their soft features, feel more comfortable and won’t transmit excessive shock.

3)What string is closest to the natural gut?

The closest strings to Natural Gut are multifilament. Its performance is closer to the natural gut. This is why the price range is also nearly similar.

Final Words

The best string is the game-changer component in the tennis tournament. Players can get higher power, more spin, and a better feel from the best strings. The above choices are ideal for the Babolat Pure Drive racquet.

You can choose the Babolat Combo Pack RPM Blast for a great performance. If you seek higher spin strings, select the Babolat RPM Blast Tennis String (12m). If you have a good budget, then check the Tourna Premium Poly Durable Tennis String.

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