8 Best Strings For Wilson Clash: Check The Latest Reviews I’m 2023

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Are you looking for the best strings for Wilson clash? How to choose the best strings for wilson clash racket? If these queries are making you confused, this article is for you.

Choosing the perfect tennis strings for the racket is not a piece of cake indeed. It’s more of a hassle if it’s your first time in the string market. In the modern market of 2022, there are thousands of brands which offer different types of strings for different types of players. A wrong decision will severely affect your play and you might lose a match just cause the strings are not your type. So, purchasing the best string is harder than purchasing a tennis racket to some extent.

We don’t want you to waste time in confusion. Instead we want you to focus in practice with the string that suits your style. That’s why in our content we have highlighted 8 best tennis strings for Wilson clash along with a complete buying guide and FAQs. So, read our content thoroughly and choose the right tennis string as per your style now!


Our Top Picks!

It is a synthetic nylon string which offers a high level of comfort by reducing vibrations.

It’s a powerful microfiber string especially suitable for beginners.

It’s a durable high quality power string to gain ultimate power, comfort, control & flexibility.

It’s a comfy power string with an awesome feel. We would highly recommend it for individuals who love spinning.

It’s a highly comfortable string specifically supportive to players with injury. It’s overall performance is worthy of investment indeed.

It’s a durable unit that can match up with the swinging speed. It’s overall performance is quite steady.

It’s a high-quality durable string with high longevity. Its copolymer nylon & resin will definitely last longer than usual strings.

Gamma strings are really durable and highly suitable for hybrid designs. It’s one of the cheapest yet best options in 2022.

Best Tennis Strings For Wilson Clash: Check Out The Latest Reviews Now!

In this section we have reviewed the best strings for wilson clash and highlighted the authentic sayings of the customers. So; let’s not dilly dally and dive into the main segment right now!

Wilson 16 Sensation String: 

Wilson is a classy brand which manufactures their every product with supreme devotion & dedication. They have promised to upgrade the performance of all the athletes out there. It has been holding on that promise till now. From that line up, Wilson has brought 16-sensation string which is a synthetic & highly elastic fiber. It’s basically made of nylon and capable of providing ultimate comfort with reduced vibrations.


Brand Name: Wilson.

Model Name: Sensation 16.

Color: Natural.

Package Dimension:   ‎8.66″ x 8.43″ x 1.34″.

Package Weight: ‎0.88 lbs.

Item Dimension: ‎20.63″ x 15.12″ x 13.7″.

Item Weight: 0.02 g.


  • Wilson 16-sensation is a natural nylon string.
  • It is around 200 meter/660 feet long.
  • The string is made up of Synthetic fibers.
  • It is a comfort string especially capable of reducing vibrations.

What Does The Customer Like?

Players have loved this string for more than 15 years. It’s overall performance is satisfactory indeed. Many users prefer to use this as a part of the hybrid system. The Customer support is quite supportive as well. It’s really a value for money item.

What Does The Customer Dislike? 

These strings are not as efficient as the Wilson NXT strings.

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Wilson NXT Power 40-feet String:

Wilson has been working on their innovative skills to support the potential tennis players worldwide. Their equipment offers a championship caliber to aspire the athletes with winning mentality. By pushing their limit Wilson hybrid string has come up with WILSON NXT Power 40-Feet String. It’s a highly crystalline microfiber specialized in providing feel & power. Due to its amazing performance and best hybrid string steup, many players recommend it as the best tennis strings for Wilson.


Brand Name: ‎WILSON.

Color: Natural.

Package Dimension:   ‎6.89″ x 5.83″ x 0.43″.

Package Weight: ‎0.05 Kg.

Item Dimensions: ‎7″ x 6″ x 0.37″.

Item Weight: ‎0.01 lbs.


  • The Wilson NXT Power string is a Xycro MicroFiber string.
  • It offers high crystallinity along with natural colors.
  • This is a power string especially suitable for providing power & feel to the beginners.
  • This unit is also quite comfortable to play with.

What Does The Customer Like?

Wilson NXT 40-feet String is regarded as a power string due to its high capacity of power generation. Its power generation capability is really incredible. You can go for this unit even if you are prone to arm injuries. Customers have given it 9 out of 10 in power & comfort. It’s overall control is praiseworthy as well. So, this one is really an awesome item within budget.

What Does The Customer Dislike? 

Wilson NXT string shows low durability compared to its competitors.


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Wilson Synthetic Gut Power 660-Feet Reel:

Whenever we think about tennis, the name ‘Wilson’ automatically pops up in our mind. It’s the brand that has been providing its best to the players since 1914. Wilson Synthetic Gut Power string is no exception. It is a Synthetic nylon string which came to light in 2016. As a power string it is specially suitable for providing the power everyone would prefer.


Brand: WILSON.

Sport Type: Tennis

Color: White

Material: Synthetic

Diameter: 1.3 mm.


  • Wilson Synthetic Gut Power is a highly durable string with a solid nylon core.
  • The company has equipped it with a high energy wrap.
  • It is highly comfortable and provides an ease to the arm.
  • Its overall construction is pretty durable as well.

What Does The Customer Like?

Customers have loved this Synthetic Gut for its control, power & comfort. Many customers prefer to use it as cross strings to gain ultimate flexibility.

What Does The Customer Dislike? 

Wilson Synthetic Gut Power string is not suitable for spinners.

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Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Rough 125 Silver String:

Are you looking for the most comfortable yet durable strings for the tennis racket? Do you need a power string with a combination of feel? If yes, luxilon Big Banger string can be the ultimate choice. It’s a 16L silver string with high spin ability as well. Many customers have reviewed it as the best luxilon strings. So, pick this one without any hesitation right away!


Brand: Luxilon.

Color: SILVER.

Gauge: 16 L.

Package Dimensions: ‎6.93″ x 6.3″ x 0.31″.

Package Weight: ‎0.04 Kg.

Item Dimensions: 19.69″ x 15.75″ x 0.39″.

Item Weight: 30 g.

Grip Size: Array.


  • Luxicon big Banger is a 16 L gauge power string.
  • It’s one of the most playable strings out there.
  • The power string is 40′ & Silver in color.
  • This item is highly suitable for beginners who want high class strings with a combination of feel & power.

What Does The Customer Like?

It’s a superb power string with amazing comfort. This unit offers a qualitative performance in terms of spin, power & control. These strings are very durable as well. Many customers prefer it to weave strings for their racket.

What Does The Customer Dislike? 

Some users have complained about its stiffness as it may take a toll on shoulders & arms.

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Babolat VS Touch Natural Gut String:

Are you looking for a natural gut string that will provide amazing durability? If yes, Babolat VS Touch string is right there. It has an additional layer of new BT7 to offer 15% more durability than usual. It’s overall power, control and comfort is worth mentioning as well. In order to attain ultimate comfort, we would recommend to string at a tension of 53lbs to 70lbs.


Brand Name: Babolat.

Color: Black.

Item Package Dimensions: ‎4.96″ x 4.72″ x 0.55″.

Package Weight: 0.02 Kg.

Item Dimensions: 472.44″ x 0.05″ x 1.97″.


  • Babolat VS Touch is an outstanding natural gut string with amazing durability.
  • This unit offers 15% more durability than other natural gut units as it offers a BT7 layering.
  • Due to its amazing power, this natural gut string is considered as one of the best strings for wilson clash.
  • This string features a thickness of 16 gauges.

What Does The Customer Like?

Customers have loved this string especially for its comfort. Even many experienced players consider it to be a great sort of arm & elbow injury.

What Does The Customer Dislike? 

It can’t bear wet weather and may wear out quickly.


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Luxilon Lxn Smart Tennis String:

Luxilon LXN is the first string that came to light with unique properties to cope up with the swinging speed. It’s overall design is pretty complex yet flexible. The fibers within the polymer alter their characters as per the speed of the swings. During fast swings, they stiffen and offer more control. On the contrary, slower swings ensure enhanced touch by decreasing the overall tension.


Brand Name: ‎Luxilon.

Color: Black/ White.

Material: Composite.

Item Package Dimensions: ‎6.3″ x 5.98″ x 0.39″.

Package Weight: ‎0.03 Kg.

Item Dimensions: 7″ x 6″ x 1.37″.

Manufacturer Warranty: ‎1 year.


  • Luxilon Lxn tennis string is manufactured with polymer material and three fibers.
  • Its overall design is capable of bearing the force of swing.
  • These strings offer more control & high swinging speed due to its stiff fibers.
  • In order to enjoy proper comfort, use a tension of 40 lbs or so.
  • They have brought evolutionary changes in M2 Pro with ultimate maintenance of tension.

What Does The Customer Like?

Luxilon smart string offers high durability and stable performance.

What Does The Customer Dislike? 

Its volleys are okay, not as crispy as its competitors.


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Luxilon ALU Power 125 16L Silver tennis string:

Wilson has been working on sport equipment for ages to be the part of the memories people will cherish forever. Their LUXILON Big Banger Strings have paved a new path of ultimate performance. In terms of tour level performance, control & durability, they are compared to none. This unit has been used by pro players during tours.


Brand Name: WILSON

Color: ‎Silver

Size: 330 foot.

Item Package Dimensions: 6.8″ x 6.2″ x 1.5″.

Package Weight: ‎0.5 lbs.

Item Dimensions: 6″ x 6″ x 1″.

Item Weight: 0.5 lbs.


  • Luxilon Big Banger Strings offer high durability as they are composed of Co-polymer nylon, aluminum fibers & Fluorocarbon resin.
  • Its overall construction can ensure superior power & control.
  • We would highly recommend it for pro tours due to its tour level power.
  • Their ultimate goal is to improve the performance by superior control, power & durability.

What Does The Customer Like?

Customers have loved this string due to its durability & playability. Due to its overall Smart construction, users can expect it to last longer than usual strings. Once you will play with it, you will love its feel as well.

What Does The Customer Dislike? 

The only drawback is – this unit is not as flexible as the competitors.


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Gamma TNT2 Tennis Racket String: 

Gamma is a revolutionary brand that amazes the world of tennis by their innovative designs. They promise to bring senior/ injured players back to the game by their pickleball paddle technology. Their Synthetic strings are efficient enough to challenge the paradigms. So, if you have eyes on the GAMMA strings, go for it and upgrade your ultimate sport potential now!


Brand Name: ‎Gamma.

Item Package Dimensions: 7″ x 5.7″ x 0.5″.

Package Weight: ‎0.05 lbs.

Item Dimensions: 7″ x 5.7″ x 0.5″.

Item Weight: 0.05 lbs.

Color: Black.

Size: 17 Gauge.


  • The gamma has brought durable synthetic strings to take your play towards the next level.
  • It originated from China.
  • Its overall thickness is around 17 gauge or 40 feet.
  • Their overall synthetic construction is capable of challenging the paradigms.
  • Its pickle ball paddle technology is highly suitable for senior individuals who are prone to arm or elbow injury.

What Does The Customer Like?

It’s an amazing Synthetic String with incredible power. We would highly recommend it for individuals who want to go for hybrid designs. It is designed to soften the whole set up. If you are looking for an amazing option within budget, Gamma TNT2 is the right choice indeed.

What Does The Customer Dislike?

This unit lacks a bit in spin & control.

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How to Choose the Best Strings For Wilson Clash?

Even after purchasing a high class tennis racket, it’s really hard to choose the best strings. In this segment we have highlighted 5 major criteria’s depending on which a buyer can purchase the best strings for Wilson clash racket. So, are you ready to jump in? 

Type of Strings: 

In this modern day, there are multiple strings available in the market and these strings are specifically suitable for players with specific styles. Considering the string type is certainly necessary as different strings offer different effects. Once you get a hold on the perfect string, you will enjoy an awesome power, control, spin and comfort during the play.

Power Strings: 

Power strings are especially suitable for newbie players who have low control over power generation. They are generally made up of nylon to support players with inferior muscle development.

Control Strings:

Control Strings provide a better control over the ball so that a player can determine where the ball will go. We will specifically suggest these strings for experienced players with highly developed muscles.

Comfort Strings: 

Comfort Strings are primarily developed for senior or old players who are prone to injury. If you have a previous history of tennis elbow, comfort strings will be a nice choice indeed.

Spin Strings:

Are you a high class and competitive player? Are you looking for a string that will create bouncy & heavy balls? If yes, spin strings are the one you need. They produce a spinning & bouncy movement which can take a toll on your opponent.


The second thing the buyer should be concerned about is the material & thickness of the string.

Generally, the strings are made of nylon, natural gut or polyester. We would specifically recommend nylon & natural gut strings for newbies as they offer a better comfort & Power. Polyesters are best for experienced and high class players as they are more stiff & offer better control.


Along with the material you have to consider the average thickness/ gauge of the tennis string. Thicker gauges certainly mean more power & stiffness where thinner ones ensure a better control. For instance, 15/1.40mm is the thickest gauge out there. Such a thickness offers high durability & control for advanced experienced players. On the contrary, 18/1.15mm is the thinnest gauge offering maximum feel & touch.

Full Bed Or Hybrid: 

While choosing the best tennis string for Wilson clash racket, you can either go for full bed or hybrid design. Most of the beginners prefer full bed nylon design due to their power & comfort. As an intermediate or high profile player, you can go for polyester full bed or hybrid as per your convenience.


Cost is the last and the foremost point to consider. A set of strings may cost around $4 to $40. Investing on a string set of $4 to $10 will be fruitful for a beginner. Intermediate players can invest upto $20. If you are a high class player, investing around $20 to $40 is totally worth it indeed.


Do any professionals use Wilson Clash? 

Wilson has been the favorite brand of Roger Federer. He has been playing with Wilson pro staff since the 90s. After their new innovation, the clash, Wilson asked Roger Federer to try & review it. Actually Wilson clash is too amazing and pros don’t need the power of the Clash. So, it’s more of an amateur racket indeed.

Is the Wilson Clash a good racket? 

Yes, obviously it’s an awesome one. It has created a huge hype since its arrival in the market. Once you play with the WILSON CLASH you will realize how amazing this unit is. It’s over control & comfort is just awesome. Many pros may not use it as they don’t require the tremendous power of the ‘Clash’. However, it’s overall comfort is incomparable.

Which string tension should I use? 

The Wilson clash tension may vary depending on the string you are using. If a player is going for a natural gut or nylon string, 50 to 60 lbs tension will be sufficient for him. If polyester is his preference, then reducing the tension will be a good idea to avoid arm injuries.

What is Wilson Clash Good For?

Wilson is the most comfortable yet powerful racket in the market. So, you will love it whether you are a senior player or an ameture. Due to its amazing arm friendliness, we would recommend this specifically for individuals with tennis elbow. Its overall design, construction, flexibility and pattern offers great control with amazing spins.

Final Verdict: 

After being with us till now, I believe you have got a clear idea on the string that will suit your style. In this article we have reviewed 8 best strings for Wilson clash along with essential guidelines. Our list includes different types of strings whether you are a beginner or an expert.

Among our recommendations I loved Wilson NXT Power 40-feet String & Wilson Synthetic Gut Power 660-Feet Reel: for the power & feel they provide. You can go with any as per your style & preferences. Be very wise while you choose. However I can assure you that you won’t regret investing on our recommendations.


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