10 Best Tennis Balls Review for Every Level in 2023

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Over time, tennis is one of the most popular and well-renowned games in the history of all sports. And, tennis balls used in the game are the most critical elements to believe for these sports. And, here’s something we can both agree on picking the perfect tennis balls are the toughest things to be considered.

Well, there are millions of balls available in the market. But, dozens of them can make you completely confident with unparalleled consistency, perfect bounce, durability, visibility, alongside offer to use on all playing court surfaces.

Now, you might be wondering: how to choose the right tennis balls which provide the best performance for every tennis court surfaces.

The bottom line: which one is the best tennis balls?

And, in this article, I’m going to share you the essential data prescribed by a tennis equipment researcher on Tennis Balls. So, let’s dive into it, and it will help you to choose the best balls for by your needs.


Top 10 tennis ball brands  

1.Penn Championship Tennis Balls

Penn Championship Extra Duty Tennis Balls are one of the most ageing balls. These balls developed in 1910 in Pennsylvania. And Penn celebrates 100 years of excellence in 2010.

And, the renown of its consistent feel and playability represent the highest level. That is why the Penn extra duty balls are the number 1 selling tennis balls in America.

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Penn extra duty felt pressurized best tennis balls are designed with different features. This ball provides the controlling fibre releases for a consistent nap. Besides this, it also offers natural rubber for a consistent feel. And, this natural rubber can be used to reduce shock. The interlock woolfibre features offer for longer-lasting playability. Alongside this, it’s deep-elastic seams provide a consistent bounce and increase its durability. Additionally,when you have soft and padded overgrip used in the racket you get more enjoyment and comfort with playing this kind of tennis ball.

One of the most prominent features of using the Penn championship tennis ball is it can suit all turfs. Usually, it’s designed for hard courts. But, it can be used for all significant surfaces. Also, it allows using softer-courts and higher elevations.

ITF approved these championship balls officially used for USTA leagues. Because of its durable developing materials and performance,  Penn tennis balls are one of the best. But sometimes it may get an extra quick bounce during match and practice time. And, in this case, Penn World Tour Extra Duty Tennis Ball delivers much control with actual bounce.

Key Features:

  • Rated US #1 best selling tennis ball
  • Controlled fibre release reduces shock
  • Extra duty construction ideal for hard court surfaces
  • Official ball of the USTA leagues
  • Manufactured using interlocked wool fibres and woven elastic seams

2.Wilson Prime All Court Tennis Balls

After founding in 1960, ITF and USTA approved Wilson Prime tennis balls are used for every point to score at every US open tournament from the past 40 years. Over time, the Wilson prime all court tennis balls grab the gold standard in tennis for its unparalleled consistency as well as the highest level of performance.

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Its exclusive Duraweave felt allows performing on all different tennis courts. The Wilson prime tennis balls provide the best performance with extended play and its durability feature that makes the ball top-notch in the tennis industry.

These balls are designed with premium weaved felt. And, the Wilson prime balls offer to play in extra-duty, regular-duty, and high altitude variations. Besides, these Premium All Court Performance balls are best suited on clay and indoor courts.

Alongside this, Wilson is the Official Ball of the US Open and Australian Open Grand Slam Championships, as well as the NCAA Tennis.

Altogether, from the above discussion of Wilson Prime tennis balls hit the top list because of its all-around performance, Duraweave felt, and unparalleled consistency. But, its chemical smells can make the disturbance to your sense of smell where the Dunlop Sports Championship Tennis Balls comparatively fresh in odour.

Key Features:

  • Hard-wearing, traditional performance ball with Duraweave felt construction
  • Three balls provided in this set
  • The ball is an industry approved by both USTA and ITF
  • Deliver excellent performance and durability on multiple court surfaces
  • Premium woven nylon blend for consistency and exceptional performance

3.Penn QST 36 Tennis Balls

Penn QST 36 Tennis Balls are the best choice for beginner and amateur. This high quality and consistent Penn QST balls are ideal for kids aged ten and under the tennis program.

It’s been performing 100 years in services. Therefore, this Penn QST 36 has become the most popular and number one selling balls in the USA. And, this ball was officially approved by USTA under ITF- Rules of Tennis.

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Usually, Penn QST Red youth tennis balls are intended for beginners. It offers lower compression for controlling bounce. And, also reduced 75% of speed.

Additionally, its red and yellow 2-tone felt design allows beginner players to track the spin of the ball quite correctly. Accordingly, the Penn junior tennis balls are great for young players still mastering the basics of ball control.

In short, Penn QST 36 balls are the best choice for amateur and young players below under to control the ball spins quickly. And, also it offers beginners to control bounce and ball speed. On the other hand, its softness and unbearable smell can make a disturbance while other balls like Penn Pressureless Tennis Balls suits best in these circumstances.

Key Features:

  • Lower compressions balls ideal for practice sessions
  • 75% reduced speed for a more controlled bounce
  • Yellow and red two-tone felt easier to detect mid-flight
  • Approved by the USTA for the Under 10 Tennis Program
  • Durable, long-lasting and ideal for use on all court surfaces

4.Wilson US Open Extra Duty Tennis Balls

Among most of the tennis shots, Wilson US Open Extra Duty Balls are one of the ancient and most popular balls. It has been officially used in US open tennis games and other major tournaments since 1978.

Surprisingly, its left-handed balls are developed in a small yurt in the Andes. On the other hand, right-hand balls are made in China.

These Wilson extra duty best tennis balls offer high responsiveness and durability during the performance. As a result, it’s been on the hit list for a long time. The extra duty balls from Wilson developed and constructed from hard-wearing as well as durable premium quality tex.
10 Best Tennis Balls Review for Every Level in 2023 1

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Also, this official US open Tennis balls got approved for Unparalleled consistency alongside competitive play by both USTA and ITF. Technologically designed this extra duty US free official balls are perfect for hard court and clay court.

From the above, most used for Official US open extra duty tennis balls are best in the top list of tennis sports. But, sometimes it picked up quick dirt and started to get fuzzy after one day of playing. And, in this case, Pro Penn marathon extra duty tennis balls comparatively perform much better than Wilson extra duty balls.

Key Features:

  • Extra duty balls perfect for hard and clay courts
  • Approved for competitive play by both USTA and ITF
  • Constructed from hard-wearing and durable premium quality
  • A responsive ball with good bounce and feedback
  • Tex/Tech felt
  • Official ball of the US Open since 1978

5.Penn Championship Extra Duty High Altitude Tennis Ball

Penn Championship Extra Duty High Altitude Tennis Balls are the most popular and best-selling tennis shots in America. In 2010, Penn celebrated 100 years of excellence in tennis.

It’s the most popular choice for all beginner to advanced players because of unparalleled consistency with long-lasting playability and performance. USTA and ITF approved Penn altitude balls with deep elastic seams reduce the cracking and deliver the best performance.

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One of the best advantages of using this Penn extra duty balls is interlocked with wool fibre for more extended wear. And, the natural rubber of Penn high altitude tennis balls provide a consistent feel and reduced shock during the practice and match time.

In words, these affordable Penn extra duty balls are perfect for high altitude constructions. As a result, it can tackle low air pressure during the long rally, powerful smash at any courts or surfaces from above the sea level. And the people who are interested to wear wide feet tennis shoes they will get more comfortable when will play with this types of tennis ball.

Key Features:

  • Natural rubber for a consistent feel and reduced shock
  • Deep elastic seams minimize cracking potential
  • Interwoven fibre ensures long life
  • 3 tennis balls included

6.Pro Penn marathon extra duty tennis balls

Pro Penn marathon extra duty tennis balls are the longest lasting tennis shots. It suits best for use on hard courts. Alongside, it is also mostly used for a mammoth practice session to achieve perfect visibility during a big match.

With the high tenacity excellent play design, it allows long-lasting play. And, its smart Optik design provides optimum visibility on the court and makes the anticipating flight of the ball much more manageable.

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Over time, Pro Penn Marathon balls are the best choice among the hit list of USPTA pros due to its durability, longevity, and visibility.

As shown above, Pro Penn Marathon Extra Duty Tennis Balls are the comparatively best option for its longevity and visibility. But, sometimes it may produce less effective bounces than the expectation. And, in this case, Dunlop Sports championship tennis balls are delivered perfect bounce rather than the Pro Penn tennis ball.

Key Features:

  • LongPlay felt for extended play
  • Smart Optik offers maximum visibility
  • Ideal for hard courts
  • One case of 72 tennis balls

7.Dunlop Sports Championship Tennis Balls

Dunlop Sports Championship Tennis Balls are allowed on hard court and clay court surfaces. At present, it’s a first-rated tennis ball for a professional player. Officially USTA and ITF approved Dunlop Sports Tennis Balls ensure excellent performances and durability with the best performance.

Typically, these balls designed with woven felt that ensures its longevity. And, its MaxGlo felt, which is 14% more radiant than regular cloth. Henceforth, it helps the player to see the ball earlier, lending more time for shot preparation. Besides, its Durafelt creates a longer-lasting ball without sacrificing playability.

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Usually, it develops with the intent to deliver better quality for practice and causal games while now and again. Also, it helps to achieve a great eye setting to hit the ball in a proper way to make points.

Surprisingly, it’s cheap but no compromise to ensure the best quality.

In brief, Dunlop Sports Championship Tennis Balls are affordable but very useful for a tennis player.

Key Features:

  • Fine woven felt construction
  • All surface MaxGlocolour for easy visibility
  • Excellent performance and durability
  • Tournament and League play approved

8.Wilson Championship Extra Duty Tennis Ball

Wilson Championship Extra Duty Tennis Ball is the best choice for regular tennis players. And, it helps those trainee players who want to develop their game. Officially USTA and ITF authorised Wilson Extra Duty Tennis Balls are comparatively similar like Wilson US Open Extra Duty Tennis Ball.
Usually, it’s developed with premium woven design. And, it delivers supreme performance with unparalleled consistency. The Wilson Extra Duty Tennis Balls are typically used for recreation by regular customers.

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Typically, these extra-duty tennis balls are used on the hardcourt surface. And, these Wilson Extra duty tennis balls are used in all the major games. Also, available in the biggest competition like the Australian Open, Davis Cup, Fed Cup and more than 45 tournaments.

To summarize, These extra duty tennis balls are more similar to the Wilson US Open tennis balls. But, Wilson extra duty balls comparatively compromise its durability to Wilson US Open Tennis Balls.

Key Features:

  • Pressurized core
  • Full case of 72 tennis balls
  • Long-lasting through several sets of play
  • Each ball set numbered 1 to 4

9.Slazenger Wimbledon Official Tennis Balls

At present, Slazenger Wimbledon Official best tennis Balls hit the top position for its uncompromised bouncing qualities. Besides, these balls are used for decade after decade, and still, it’s the longest-lasting ball for beginner hard court players. Also, after a long rally and massive smash, it stays fuzzy and harder.

Over time, Slazenger significantly developed its exceptional bouncing qualities alongside excellent visibility on the hard court surfaces.

Typically, the Slazenger Wimbledon balls have used a unique patented hydro guard technology. And, it allows the ball to refuse up to 70% of the water compared with other standard balls.

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The cloth on the ball is made out of patented hydro guard technology, allowing the ball to repel up to 70% of the water as compared to standard balls. Though it’s crafted with less effective felt still, these tennis balls are highly durable and reliable to a tennis pro.

For the most part, Wimbledon Official Slazenger balls are one of the best choices for a hard court player. Besides this, its hardness and extra bounce may cause the problem with unexpected bounce. And, in this case, Penn Championship Extra Duty High Altitude Tennis Ball delivers the best results with a perfect rebound in a match or practice.

Key Features:

  • Reliable hard court design
  • Long-lasting fuzziness
  • Special offer of 24 tennis balls
  • Official Wimbledon tennis ball

 10.Penn Pressureless Tennis Balls

Penn Pressureless tennis balls are sitting at the top-notch position with their 100 plus years excellences in service. And, this is why it’s the most popular as well as number one selling tennis balls in America.

These pressureless tennis balls are mostly used for a practice session with a coach or a machine. As circumstances, it saves time during the practice through the machine.

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And, PennsPressureless balls are made of excellent quality felt that used to maintain Penn’s high standards. Also, it’s extended-life pressure core provides the long-lasting value alongside performances. Besides, technologically its durable design ensures the balls play like new for as long as possible.

The Penn Pressureless balls come with a bucket that houses 48 balls. And, this bucket is also sturdy, reusable, and very convenient with a carrying handle.

Key Features:

  • America’s #No 1 selling tennis balls
  • Featuring an extended-life pressureless core
  • lasting value from the most reliable brand
  • Ideal for practice sessions with a coach or a machine
  • Available for use on all courts

The Ultimate Buying Guide

Selecting the right tennis balls is vital for a beginner, amateur or a professional tennis player. Picking the wrong tennis balls will mess up the game unexpectedly.

Before starting a match, choosing the best tennis balls by needs is as essential as racquets. And, there are tons of tennis balls available, but you have to pick the best ones from the hit list.

So, before making a purchase decision, you have to check some features to confirm the best quality alongside its performance. And, I got prescribed by a tennis pro researcher to ensure the best quality.

Now, in this buying guide, I’m going to describe how to choose the best tennis balls. So, let’s dive into it.

What should consider before buying a tennis ball

There are lots of core features to come to choosing the best quality of tennis balls. And, a player like a beginner to professional, all have to check those aspects before buying the balls. Hence, the attributes that ensure the quality of the best tennis shots are the following:

Brand: Dozens of brandable balls are the most popular in tennis history. From time to time, the best brands are the-right-tennis-ballsgiving the best quality of tennis balls. And it’s good news for a newbie or a beginner tennis player to choose the tennis balls without having previous knowledge. So, before deciding to purchase, you have considered the brand of the shots.

Quality:Best performance always relies on the best quality. And the best quality comes from the best products. To identify the best quality balls, check for consistency, durability, control, fuzziness, and bounces. Therefore, before buying a tennis ball, you must check those aspects of the ball which are measured as standard quality.

Reviews: Reviews: Needless to say, reviews from other valid users of the balls are also critical aspects to be considered before selecting your best tennis balls. I’m not a tennis pro, but I got all the vital data on tennis researcher and from other tennis enthusiasts. And, they suggest checking over the reviews before buying the ball.

Price: Usually, casual people can’t understand the difference between expensive tennis balls and cheaper practice balls. Although professional tennis balls are comparatively more costly than the practice balls, and, also they are most effective for all aged players. But, cheaper tennis balls are perfect for casuals and beginners to continue practices. As a result, you have to consider the ball’s price with your needs.

Playing Surface: Playing Surface: While you are at the run for deciding on choosing the tennis balls, the playing surface is an important aspect to consider. You should have a basic understanding of the playing surfaces. Moreover, hard court surfaces require extra duty balls while soft clay courts demand regular duty balls. So, you have to keep in mind that the shots will be used on which court surfaces.

Regular Duty vs. Extra Duty Balls: Better performance depends on different techniques, applications and variety of executions. And, tennis balls performance get best while it is on the right court.

A pro tennis player makes the difference in hard courts with extra duty balls. Whereas, they might have to need regular duty tennis balls for achieving the same on clay or grass court.

And Important to realize, before choosing a tennis ball you need to consider regular duty and extra duty balls by your needs.

Pressurized vs Pressureless:  Pressurized tennis balls are more popular because of its consistent bounce, speed, and perfect spin than pressureless. As a result, pressurized balls are favourable to professionals and those who play more seriously than a casual game. Despite being pressurized, it loses effectiveness over time.


On the other hand, pressureless tennis balls are more familiar with casual player and practising. And, unlike pressurized balls, it delivers the better bounce and also lasts longers.

In a word, you have to pick the perfect tennis balls to consider with pressureless and pressurized affectiveness.

High Altitude: Usually, High altitude balls are 6% bigger than the average tennis balls. So, if you want to play your game above from the sea level, high altitude aspects have to consider before choosing the ball.

Durability:Most of the brandable tennis balls develop with the intention of its long-lasting aspects. And, durability features not just deliver the best performance. Also, it saves money to keep buying new tennis balls every other week.

Stages for Beginners Player

ITF makes some rules for upcoming beginners player. Those kids who are new at this long journey, they have to train more slowly with beginner level balls than casuals or semi-professionals.

There are three stages of tennis balls you need to consider.

Stage 3 (Red): Beginner level red balls developed for young players that help to build their skills. Additionally, this ball also helps to improve proper motion, better coordination. And, it helps to build up more confidence for beginners. These balls are approved for 36-foot courts surfaces.

Stage 2 (Orange): This orange balls used for slightly advanced players who take the game more than casual. And, these balls offer excellent playing and practice time with 60-foot courts.

Stage 1 (Green): Green balls represent the advanced level that is used in professional league and tournaments. And, it designed a perfect full-sized 78-foot courts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What size is a tennis ball?

Over time, most of the technologically designed tennis balls manufacturer develop all the major metrics including balls size, weight and bounce criteria that approved by ITF. Officially, the ITF defines the standard of the tennis ball’s size as 6.54–6.86 cm (2.57–2.70 inches). Also, they fixed the range as 56.0–59.4 g (1.98–2.10 ounces).

Why do tennis balls have numbers on them?

Often the balls will have a number on them in addition to the brand name. This helps distinguish one set of balls from another of the same brand on an adjacent court. Tennis balls begin to lose their bounce as soon as the tennis ball can is opened. They can be tested to determine their bounce.

What are the best tennis balls, manufacturers?

  • Dunlop.
  • Wilson.
  • Slazenger.
  • Penn.
  • Babolat.

How many balls are used at Wimbledon?

Every Wimbledon tournament, ITF allocate 54000 tennis balls to accomplish the whole series successfully. They provide 48 tins of balls for the centre court and 24 tins balls for each outside court regularly.

Are pressureless tennis balls good?

Depends on your needs. If you’ve used pressurized balls before and think that they’ve been too bouncy for you, then you may want to try pressureless balls.

And important things to consider that the pressureless tennis balls are foremost suitable for beginner and amateur tennis enthusiasts. Because of they are less bouncy but more predictable.

What is the material of a tennis ball?

Modern tennis balls are developed with hollow rubber core, covered in a wool or nylon shell which is known as the nap. And, the ball produces more bounce through the rubber core that fulfilled with pressurized air. Alongside this, the dead Balls haven’t got enough pressure inside make a thud when they hit the floor.

How long do pressurized tennis balls last?

There are no specific timelines, but once you open the can that ensures pressurized storage conditions, pressurized balls will slowly lose their internal pressure.

Can tennis ball cans be recycled?

Tennis cans made with a metal rim and that’s very difficult to remove. So, it’s not possible to recycle tennis balls can. But, if you want to recycle the tennis ball can, you should buy tennis can without metal rims.

How often do you change tennis balls?

Changing the ball during match time depend on player mind, demands and situations. It differs on every single player. If they feel that the ball doesn’t work out for them then it can be changed.

Final Remarks

Altogether, there are lots of things to be considered before choosing the best tennis balls for achieving the highest performance. Some tennis balls are best for beginner young players while other shots are best for casual and semi-professionals. Also, most of them don’t offer to use on all playing surfaces like hard court, a clay court and above the sea level.

But, there are a couple of tennis balls with unparalleled consistency, usage on all courts, perfect bounce, highly improved motion, visibility and maximum performances. So, you have to pick the right one with your level.

And, I’ll recommend picking from Penn Championship Tennis Balls, Wilson US Open Extra Duty Tennis Balls and Slazenger Wimbledon Official Tennis Balls because of their all-around performance, durability that makes them top-notch in the history of tennis.

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