10 Best Tennis Overgrip For Sweaty Hands in 2023

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Have you ever felt that your tennis bat is slipping from your hand? Well, whether it is a tennis bat or badminton you will need to have the best tennis overgrip for performing better. An overgrip will help you to grip your bat perfectly, and this will improve your overall gameplay.

As you know, holding a racket is the most important thing in tennis. So, you need to hold your bat perfectly and use it with perfection. An overgrip will help you to do so.

In this content, you will get the top tennis overgrip information with the full review, which will help you to find your one. Again, a complete buying guide will help you to go for the perfect tennis bat. So, let’s do it together.


Why You Need the Best Tennis Overgrip?

 Most of the time, the beginners make mistakes with the racket holding during gameplay or practice sessions.

What is the best tennis overgrip?

Well, an overgrip is a layer of fabric that emphasizes your racket holding position. It also helps to stop the slippage of the racket from your hand. If you are going to hit a firm shot, then the bat should be held tight enough. In this case, a type of overgrip can solve the problem.

So, why you need the best one? Look, there are many different overgrips for tennis bat, and they have different durability and lifetime. But, the best one will offer you the best features and lifetime, which is very much needed for every professional and entry-level player.

Again, you need to choose the best overgrip type, also like different types of overgrip offer different types of features. So, make your choice wisely and check all the features of the best overgrip.

Types of Overgrip for Tennis

If you don’t know the types of tennis overgrip, then it will be difficult for you to select the perfect overgrip. As you have already known that an overgrip is very much important for your tennis bat. So, Let’s find out the types of grip available in the market.

  • Tacky overgrip
  • Textured overgrip
  • Absorbent Overgrip

Tacky Overgrip

Tacky means sticky, and it will remain stick to your hand, and it will help improve your rotation of bat. Again, you will get stability when using this type of overgrip, and tacky overgrips last for a long time. The installation process of this grip is also easy, and it can save you time.

 Textured Overgrip

If you are looking for little groves in your overgrip, this type of overgrip is perfect. Textured overgrip is comfortable to use as they are thicker than the other types of overgrip. An important fact about this grip that is textured overgrip is more durable than the absorbent overgrip but less durable than the tacky overgrip.

Absorbent Overgrip

Well, this is a special type of overgrip for those players who have an extreme sweating hand. This overgrip can handle the sweat and offer you a nice gripped bat. But, this type of grip is thinner than other types of grip available in the market. Absorbent overgrip is the best tennis overgrip for sweaty hands.

Review: On Best Overgrip For Tennis

 1.Gamma Supreme Overgrip

 The gamma company is one of the best in the world who has been producing overgrip for a long time. Among many of the overgrip products, the supreme overgrip is the best so far. If you are searching for a tacky overgrip, then this can be your choice.


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You are getting this grip at a reasonable price where it will offer you extreme durability. You will get comfort when holding your tennis bat with this overgrip. There are verities for this product like it comes with 3 packs, 15 packs, and 30 packs. For cool weather, this overgrip is perfect for playing and will offer you long-lasting service. The installation process of this grip is also easy, and you can use this comfortably. The weight of the product is 8.8 ounce, and the dimensions of the overgrip are 12 x 6 x 1.5 inches. This product is made in China.


  • Light-weighted
  • Easy to install
  • Durable


  • This overgrip is not perfect for hot weather.

2.Babolat Pro Tour 30 Pack White Tennis Overgrip

Searching for a tacky grip? If yes, this is one of the best tacky overgrip for tennis, which is comfortable to hold. Sweating of hand is common in tennis sport, and this grip will help you to absorb the sweat of your hand.

Details On Amazon

The smooth layer of outside will offer you a premium feel while playing or practicing. The layer also enhances the gripping ability. The Babolat Pro is very much comfortable, and it’s perfect for every type of player. It comes with a 30 pack variant only with a reasonable price rate.

Weight of the grip is 7 ounces, and the dimensions for the product is 7 x 6 x 1 inch. I hope that you will get maximum comfort while using it.


  • So much comfortable
  • Tacky feels
  • Easy to use and mount
  • Light-weighted


  • Can’t peel the transparent cover from of it.

3.Tourna Grip XL Original Dry Feel Tennis Grip

 Do you need a tacky grip that? that can give you the extra opportunity when your hand is sweating, then this product is for you. The more your hand sweats, the more your grip will be tacky. The grip comes with a hard surface, but when it comes to the perspiration, and then it becomes tackier. This mechanism has made the product one of the best in the market.

Details On Amazon

Many of the famous players have used this grip for their tournament game. Hence you can make an idea of how good it is and what amazing feature it provides. There are 30 XL grips in a pack and comes with a large roll of finishing tape. The finishing tape will help you to mount the grip properly.

The colors of the grip are also a brand itself, and the colors are blue, black, and white. With long time durability, this grip will give you extra comfort. You can play any shot you want now, and the bat won’t get slipped. The weight of this particular grip is 0.16 ounces, and the dimensions for the product are 8 x 8 x 4 inches.


  • Easy to mount
  • Won’t slip from hand
  • Extra Durable


  • Not suitable for very long time use

4.YONEX Super GRAP 30-Pack Racket Grips

This is one of the renowned brands out of the market, and you all know about this. The manufactures also manufacture rackets and other sports elements. So, will that be a good grip from YONEX? Yes, you can choose this grip for its features.

Details On Amazon

You will get comfort while using this grip, and it will improve your gameplay. The product comes with 30 packs, and they are perfect for tournament games as many of the famous players use it. These grips are popular around the glove, and everybody feels good when to use this.

It can absorb perspiration and offer you extreme control over the racket. Those who love thick grip you can chose this product. The weight of the product is 4.8 ounces and made of polyurethane.


  • Good quality material
  • Easy to use
  • Offers great control


  • You can’t play for a long time with a single grip.


5.HEAD Super Comp Racquet Overgrip

 The HEAD is another renowned brand to produce overgrip for a long time, and the features it offers are amazing. In this modern era, you are getting a tremendous product from this brand. With other tennis equipment, the overgrip from this brand is also made of good material. The material is perfect for getting tacky feels, and moderation of the material offers great durability.

Details On Amazon

This overgrip can absorb moisture, which is a good side indeed. Again, it helps to keep your hand dry, and that’s why you can hit the ball firmly. The mounting process of the overgrip is also easy and perfect for every tennis bat.

The design and the outlook of this overgrip are also fascinating and perfect for the club players. If you have a HEAD racket, then you are highly recommended to go with this. The weight of the product is 1.12 ounces only where the dimensions are 4.7 x 3.9 x 0.4 inches.


  • Light-weighted
  • Easy to mount
  • Premium feel when to hold the racket


  • Sometimes, it can’t cover the existing grip

6.Wilson Pro Overgrip

If you are searching for a multi-purposed grip, then this Wilson Pro can be your best choice so far. But, this product is good for a tennis racket, and many of the famous players have reviewed his grip for playing good tennis. It has the property to absorb sweat and comes with a resalable pouch.

Details On Amazon

There is 12 pack of white-colored overgrips you will get at a one-time purchase. After that, the quality and design of the overgrip are also amazing. Absorbing quality is also good enough to be one of the best products.

The weight of the overgrip is 3.2 ounces, and the dimensions are 7 x 5 x 0.2 inches. The mounting process is also very easy to do, and the grips are not perforated at all. The nice soft feel will give you extra comfort while holding the bat.


  • Great grip with an exact tacky feel
  • Light-weighted
  • Easy to mount


  • Not perforated

7.Gamma Sports Tennis Racquet Leather Replacement Grip

If you need a leather grip, then this special one can be your choice with great quality. You can get this product at a fair price rate range, and you will get this product with the best quality. The Gamma brand produces many types of sports equipment, and from them, this product is a premium one.

Details On Amazon

This overgrip is easy to use and mount. You can play with this grip for a long time, and you will get comfort. It helps to improve gameplay and others. You can easily shift to this product as this is durable and smooth enough to do so.

The grip weighs 0.16 ounces, and the dimensions are 5.5 x 4.7 x 1.6 inches. You will get the tacky feel, and this will make you satisfied.


  • Smooth and durable
  • Elongated for better performance
  • Easy to mount


  • Not well balanced in the matter of weight.

8.Babolat Pro Tour X3 Racket Accesories

If you are searching for a stylish grip, then this is one of the best-designed grips for regular playing. The Babolat Pro Tour X3 has the feature which will amuse you. This grip can absorb the perspiration and can offer you a comfortable holding of the racket. The grips are light-weighted, and it will offer you an easy mounting.

Details On Amazon

This is a professional overgrip to play tennis, and you will be amused by the design and color. It comes with a gorgeous black color. It also fits the racket butt easily and gives a tremendous diameter to hold. The weight of each overgrip is 6 grams only.


  • Absorbs perspiration strongly
  • Light-weighted
  • Tacky feels


  • Top layer peels off.

9.Babolat VS Tennis Overgrip

With a great effective holding facility, this overgrip is one of the best to settle over a grip on a tennis bat.If you are a tennis player then you should know the importance of overgrip for a tennis racket. The more you can firmly hold the bat, the more you can play well.

Details On Amazon

This particular overgrip has the feature to absorb the perspiration and offers you a tacky feel. The process of mounting the overgrip is very easy, and you can do it within a very short time. The build quality of the overgrip is also good and comes with a premium design.

The weight of the product is 0.8 ounces, and the dimensions of the product are 7.1×5.4×0.6 inches. so, if you are behind the best tennis overgrip for sweat, then this can be your great choice.


  • Great build quality
  • Comes with premium design
  • Easy to use


  • Very thin

10.Senston New Racket Grip

If you are fond of an enhanced grip with keel, then this is it for you, the Senston New Racket Grip. This grip comes with the humanization design, which is very effective for getting extra comfort. This grip is suitable for tennis, badminton, and squash.

Details On Amazon

The upper surface of the grip is perforated and can absorb perspiration. When you hold the racket with this grip, you will feel ultra-comfort at that moment. The grip is also long-lasting and durable. After buying the grip if you face any problem with that grip, then you can easily contact the customer service, and they are very friendly. The size and weight of the grip are also standard enough to have comfortable feelings.

The material of the grip is also good with a good quality adhesive pad. It can absorb sweat perfectly. The mounting and unmounting of the grip are also good. There is a middle track to the grip to give the grip a thicker portion. The weight of the product 2.88 ounces.


  • Light-weighted
  • Easy to mount
  • Good quality material


  • Not perfect for the hot weather or hot temperature.

Buying Guide: On Tennis Overgrip

Before going to buy an overgrip for tennis, you need to consider some of the things that may lead you to choose the best. So, in this part, you will get to know some of the considerations before buying an overgrip for tennis. Let’s do it-

Weight Balance

At the beginning you need to make sure that, your selected overgrip can balance your racket in your hand perfectly. The racket balance and comfort depends on the weight balance of the overgrip. The best tennis overgrip tape comes with the weight balance so that you can grab the racket with ease.

The build material and the design determines the weight balancing property of an overgrip. So, before buying, you need to check the weight balance.

Absorbing Quality

One of the main things of using grip is that a grip needs to have the absorbing quality of perspiration. Moreover, the grip should increase the tacky feel when it comes to perspiration. So, before going for an overgrip, you need to see that the absorbing quality is god enough.

The best overgrip comes with the property of absorbing more and more perspiration and become tackier so that you can play comfortably.

 Tacky or not

After checking the absorbing quality, you need to check how much tacky your overgrip is. As you know that your grip should have the feature to be tackier, and this will let you hold your racket firmly. To check the tackiness, you need to see the material and build quality. You can have a hand also feel to check the tackiness of the overgrip.


The thickness of the overgrip means a lot to the players. Because some of the players prefer the thick grip, and some of the players go for a thin grip. It’s all about comfort, and that’s why you need to decide which is best for you. After deciding, you need to go for this grip. So, before buying, you need to check the thickness of the grip.

 Easy to mount and Unmount 

As a tennis player, you know that changing of grip is a must as so much pressure goes over a grip when playing games. Mounting of grip should be very easy as well as the unmounting process. Here the adhesive of the grip does all the tasks.

So, before buying an overgrip, you need to check the mounting and unmounting process.


1 What Overgrip do tennis pros use?

– Generally, tennis pros use tacky overgrip to have the firm holding feature. Again, from a tacky overgrip, they get the absorbing properties also. But, don’t follow the pros where you should have your own choice to play with.

2 How frequent should I change my tennis overgrip?

– It completelqy depends on you and the quality of grip you are using. So, when you see that your grip is fading off, then you need to change the grip. In general, a grip lasts for two or three games.

3 What is the difference between a tennis grip and an overgrip?

– A grip is mounted on the racket but directly, and the best tennis overgrip comes over the grip so that you get the firm holding. Again, an overgrip has the property to absorb perspiration.

Additional Tips

You may follow some additional tips to improve your gameplay and game sense. There are a couple of tips that can help you to do better in tennis. So, let’s have a quick look.

  • You will want the best tennis shoes for wide feet as there are different footwork that you need to utilize during the game. So the best shoes can give you the best output.
  • You need to choose the best grip to use an overgrip over it.
  • Try to increase your stamina by working out and practicing daily to become a professional player.
  • Keep your eye sharp for the best reflection.

Final Note

Hopefully, you have found the best tennis overgrip for your racket, and it will improve your gameplay. However, before choosing the best tennis overgrip, you need to make sure that you have seen the consideration. As there are different types of grips and overgrips available in the market, you need to choose the suitable one for you.

You should also follow the best tennis overgrip review so that you can understand the product better. Keep practicing, and hard work will take you to your goal.

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