How long does it take to learn tennis

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If you are a tennis lover and want to learn it, probably the first question is how long does it take to play a game of tennis. The great thing is this game can be played from very young to adults. Learning tennis to the advanced level needs much skill and athletic ability and only a few can nail it, but it won’t stop you to learn this wonderful game.

Tennis is not such an extreme game, and you can learn and play it no matter which age group you are in. If you have a fascination for tennis, then you will be a pretty awesome player without spending hours in court.

This article is all about the topic of how long does it takes to learn tennis, finds some relevant FAQs and If you are an amateur in tennis, then here, you will get the guideline on how you can start learning.

How long does it take to be decent at tennis?

Tennis is about perfect consistency, some willpower, and good technique. Before learning tennis, it needs to find out the interest level for this game and how far you want to learn it. You need to decide your goal, whether you are learning for fun, or want to be a decent player, or compete in a tournament. Decide realistic expectations and work on the goal.


Different person has different athletic skills and learning tendency. So the timeframe of learning tennis is varied from person to person. Yet we measure development time according to age and ability. If you like to learn tennis, you need to learn from tennis pro or go to a tennis association. We will prefer to go to a tennis association, as they are organized to learn the others.

  • Early age facts: When it comes to tennis for beginner, the age segment is also related to it. Kids’ brains are in the learning stage, and they can rapidly absorb more information than an adult brain. When children start to play from 5 to 8 years old, it becomes second nature in their lifestyle. In the early stages, kids can boost their coordination, and they swing a racket unlikely to break down under pressure.
  • Adult age facts: A player who is learning tennis at 40 generally finds it more difficult. Because the physical capabilities will be lessened. When tennis requires speed, strength, and flexibility, it gets quite challenging for adults. Yet learning isn’t impossible, they need more concentrate and passion. They can still go to a high level and play professionally.

Whether you are talking about how long it takes to learn tennis serve, it depends on the level of the player. Approximately, a player can execute a proper serve at least in 3 months. If you prefer to be a proper intermediate player, then it will take 1 or 2 years to serve well; but it also relies on how much you are dedicated on the court and how much time you have spent on learning.

Learning to play tennis late in life can be frustrating at the first time. Because the adults take a lot of time to make a combination of hand-eye coordination, precision, and timing.

How you will start to learn tennis?

When you decide to learn tennis, first you need to gather the equipment for playing tennis. You need only a few gears to start. After getting all the kit, go on the court and start making good shots. Here are the basic needs you can collect:

  • Tennis Racket

A tennis racket is the first thing you need to get. As a newbie, you can start with a budget-friendly tennis racket or buy a premium one. It is necessary to have a great feel with your racket to give a perfect swing. The best tennis overgrip gives a comfortable feel and great grip. You may get the most popular Wilson pro overgrip for a better feel with your racket.

In the market, you will get a few denominations that produce the best tennis balls. Buying a suitable ball is necessary to make a successful stroke. You can start with the Penn championship tennis balls. During practice, if the ball goes flat, you need to switch the ball with a new one.

  • Tennis Shoes

Athletic shoes are important to keep balance and comfort while doing the practicing session. If you are playing on a regular basis, you must purchase the best tennis shoes. Though you can play with your running shoes, a professional must need a suitable pair of shoes. We recommend Adidas adizero adios 4 as the best tennis shoes.

  • Tennis Backpack 

Best tennis backpack allows you to take all your necessary stuff like shoes, racket, ball, and clothes. While going to practice or going to court, you need all this equipment together. Try out the Nike-court-tennis-backpack, and don’t ever miss your necessary gear.


1. How long does it take to learn table tennis?

Learning table tennis needs a lot of practicing, at the same time proper skill. If you practice daily with dedication for 3 to 4 hours, you can learn quickly, probably in one to three months.

2. Is it hard to learn tennis?

Tennis is an amazing game, but it is not that easy to learn. You need skill, strength, and a hand-eye combination. Good athletics can catch the skills of tennis quickly. But if you are not from the athletic field, you still can nail it by practicing. If you train regularly with allegiance, no sooner had you succeeded in tennis.

3. Can I learn tennis in a few months?

Learning tennis in a few months is quite challenging. If you have an emphasis on learning, you can achieve it. Moreover, watching tennis is much beneficial to learn skills and tricks. So you need to observe and practice at the same time.

4. Can you learn tennis at any age?

You can learn tennis at any age, but the age group depends on how quickly you learn it. While children and youngsters have a sharp mind and sound body which helps them to learn quickly. On the other hand, adults must develop their muscles to learn properly, and it takes much time.

Final Words

Not only desire but also love and dedication is required to learn tennis. If you practice more, watch TV, or live and play with other players, you can more observe and learn the game. Don’t let influence your age, have faith in your ability, and move forward to your goal.

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