How many tennis balls can you fit into a limousine?

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How many tennis balls can you fit into a limousine? It is one of the tough interview questions from interviewers. These kinds of questions ask the candidate to verify his present intelligence.

So, stay calm and think about the math to respond to the nearest number of this question. Remember that the interviewer expects a quick answer. No matter if your answer is 100% accurate.

In this guide, we will share with you how to answer how many tennis balls fit in a limo. You can find out very quickly using some simple formulas. So, let’s discover the unbelievable facts.


How many tennis balls can you fit into a limousine?

How many tennis balls actually fit in a limo? It would be different depending on the limousine measurement, number and size of the seat and the ways of putting balls into it. On average, you can fit about 125,000 tennis balls. How can you calculate this? Stay reading the next to learn

Essential variables for calculation tennis ball number

Since you have to calculate this math within a short time and give a logical answer, these variables would be magical. Keep memorizing all of the below factors.

  • Imagine the volume of the internal space of the limousine
  • Think about the accommodation power of the object for tennis ball
  • Do note that a tennis ball needs more space than a square shape object because of the spherical shape.
  • It is essential to know that packed tennis balls need more space than unpacked balls.

How big is a tennis ball?

Since the tennis ball is designed with a spherical shape so the measurement would be its volume; finding out the volume of a tennis ball the below formula is best.

Tennis ball volume = 4/3πr3

Although the best tennis ball size is 2.57 to 2.70 inches, remember that tennis balls are available in different sizes and lengths, let’s imagine a tennis ball length is four, so the radius would be half of the diameter. So, the radius stands at 2. In the meantime, if we divide 4/3, then we will get 1.333 that is a decimal number. Let’s calculate the volume of a tennis ball.

volume = 4/3πr3

Volume = 1.3*3* (2)3

Volume = 1.3*3* (2)3

Then the volume would be 3.72 cubic inches in size. So, you can take it as an integer number 4 cubic inch.

On average, how many tennis balls can fit in a limousine?

Already you have a clear idea of how to find out the accurate volume of a tennis ball. Now you need to take an idea about a limousine volume. Then how many tennis balls can you fit into a limousine? So, let’s know.

As per the regular limousine car, it is generally coming with 1.5-meter height and 2-meter width. And the length of a limo car is much longer than a regular car. So, now we can calculate an average result by applying this limousine measurement.

Length = 10-meter is equal to 800 inches

Width = 2-meter is equal to 80 inches

Height = 1.5-meter is equal to 60 inches

Let’s find out the limo volume according to the measurement

We know that volume = length x width x height

= (800 x 80 x 60)

= 15,00000 cubic inches

Now it is time to compare the limo volume with tennis ball volume to get how many tennis balls would fit in a limo? So, our limo volume is 15,00000 cubic inches, and we have known from the previous formula that the tennis ball volume is four cubic inches.

Thus, 1500000/4 is equal to 375,000. So, you can easily fit 375,000 tennis balls in a limo.


1.How many balls can fit in a car?

This answer is not straightforward because it depends on the volume of your limousine car and tennis ball. In this case, you need to figure out the ball volume depends on the diameter and radius. And then figure out the limo volume with average measurement. At the last stage, divide the car volume by ball volume. Then you will get the exact number.

2.How many tennis balls can you fit inside a Boeing 747?

Boeing 747 is a larger aircraft cargo. A statistic has shown a straightforward answer for this question. As per that research, you can fit 688,705 tennis balls inside a Boeing 747.

3.How many regular tennis balls can you fit into a school bus?

First of all, it is needed to know the ideal measurement of a school bus. Imagine, the length, height and width are respectively 20 x 6 x 8. It means the bus volume is 960 cubic feet. And we know 12 x 12 x 12 inches is the measurement of one cubic foot. Thus, the total cubic inches are 960 x 1768 is equal to 1.6 million cubic inches.

4.How many tennis balls can you fit in a mini cooper?

A mini cooper total volume is 350,000 cubic inches, and we have to half this space for seats and fittings. So, space stands for 175,000 cubic inches. We can assume the quarter of this space for easy calculation. So, the number of tennis balls that would be 140,000 divided by four is equal to 35,000.

Final Word:

We hope you can understand the logic of tennis ball volume and limousine car volume. And now you can easily find out how many tennis balls you can fit into a limousine car. So, it is necessary to remember some basic points that can help you solve this technical question.

Above mentioned formulas are applied to find out the volume of any object and the volume of any car. Most importantly, the result would be accurate in maximum time.

If you have any update about this guide, then let us know. We will update this with the latest information.

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