How to Get Better at Tennis For All

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Do you love playing Tennis but not getting better at playing? Or want to improve your skill set & try to find good ways?

Well, Tennis is the game that tests a player’s hard work, grit & determination. Remember that Tennis games are both physical & psychological, as well.

However, Tennis requires lots of effort & practice to improve your playing style & skill like all other sports.

To get better at Tennis, we are going to share some life hacks here, so you learn how to get better at tennis skills. With these instructions, tips & simple tweaks, you will understand the real keys for Tennis improvement & step up your game to the next levels. Let’s check out!


How to Get Better at Tennis Skills 

  • Practicing against a Wall

Everything starts with practicing. Practicing against a wall will accomplish a lot, for starters. This training can be challenging. It’s a pretty fun yet effective way to improve skills.

practice-tennisStart playing a game with yourself to get comfortable hitting backhand & forehand shots. Also, check how many hits you can get without a miss.

Put a duct tape X-shaped cross in the wall as a target. Now check how many hits you can get with accuracy on the X-shaped target. Also, try to do some volley hits on the wall until the ball drops & keep practicing.

  • Practicing at the Court

To improve at real-life matches, you can train & get a realistic feel of playing Tennis on the court.

Serving is a crucial factor of Tennis. Therefore, first, start practicing with the serving. Take some balls & start serving.

The next thing you can do is jump & run around the lines across the middle. Jump forth & back over the baseline because quick feet are fundamental for improving your skills.

  • Limit Mental Distractions

“Practice makes a man perfect.” The hidden truth is – focused practicing is the key to improvement.

Playing Tennis requires many different skills & 83% body muscles of Players. If you are thinking about somewhere else or not focusing on practicing, it would be tough to get better.

When you are on the court holding a racket, focus on the ball & racket only. Be mentally & physically prepared for practicing & improving skills. This way, you will get better at a continuous rate.

  • Break Down Things

When you try to make an advanced move like a professional player that you just saw on a T.V., it might not be that simple.

First thing, break down what he did step by step into smaller portions & work on them one by one.

For example – to add more power to serving, you have to focus on bending your knee more & then explode the extra energy into the ball & so on.

Whatever improvements you are trying to make will require lots of steps. So break down things into manageable chunks to do this smoothly.

  • Active Learner

Improving at Tennis requires a lot of active learning strategies. Suppose you missed some forehands in the net while practicing.


As an active learner, you have to evaluate every ball you missed & make adjustments so that the next strokes hit the bullseye. Every missed stroke is an opportunity to learn without anyone interfering.

In case you are going through the motions & considering miss is normal, you are not learning then.

So, be your couch, actively evaluate every stroke & get better at Tennis much quicker.

  • Try Visualization Techniques 

Many reports & studies backed up that practicing in mind can be as effective as physical practicing.

First, relax & comfortably close your eyes. Now start thinking about the skills you want to improve, practice the ideal stroke of that skill over & over.

The more accurately you can visualize & feel the skill, the better it is. Try to think about the feelings of each stroke, its smells & colors, etc.

Combining your ideal swing shadow & visualizing the strokes you are swinging is another way to improve visualization technique.

  • Fitness is Key

A tennis match involves almost 83% muscles of the human body. So remaining in shape is an essential aspect of this game.


To improve your fitness, combine strength training with cardio & focus on flexibility in your workout routine.

Rope jumping & low impact aerobics are ideal for Tennis fitness goals. A few yoga sessions will clear your mind & make you ready for hitting the court.

Stretch for 5 – 10 minutes before starting a match or practicing. It will lower the risk factors of potential injury.

  • Improve Tennis IQ

Start with reading some tennis books & look for solid instruction there. Learning new techniques or tricks from various sources might be fruitful to improve your gameplay. Take some time at home & look for multiple sources like online resources, e-books, YouTube, or T.V. for getting reliable information.

IQ improvement will give satisfying results while playing matches on the Court.

  • Be Versatile on All-Weather

While Court’s measurement remains the same, the condition becomes different depending on different weathers or locations.

There is an indoor & outdoor option for playing Tennis & both are different in terms of playing. Alongside, the weather becomes windy, sometimes remaining still.

On a windy day, each serve & strokes require extra strength. So be prepared to play in any weather condition & different kinds of courts.

  • Practice the Basics Frequently

To get better at Tennis, focus on the smallest things & never underestimate the significance of basics. Throwing up balls in the air & catching them is pretty basic, but the world’s best player starts practicing with this basic.

Start with throwing the tennis ball as high as you can & catching them will bring on a perfect ball toss. One advantage of this practice is – it doesn’t require a lot of space or extra material.

A tennis improvement plan will help you get better at Tennis sports. When you add proper gear to your improvement plan, it will be very, very much helpful whether you are a beginner or professional.

Some gears that will make every tennis matches enjoyable are given below –

  • Backpack – Backpacks are essential for a tennis court. Everyone needs to carry & store things while playing matches. Look for the best tennis backpack online & you will get a matched, effective one for yourself. Our suggestion is to check out the Nike court tennis backpack, a popular, versatile with good usability one.
  • Overgrip – Overgrip is one of the much-needed gear you will need while playing Tennis. Using an overgrip will increase your confidence by adding sweat absorption function, giving more comfort & better grip. Search for the Best tennis overgrip. It’s cheap yet effective for tennis matches.
  • Towel – Towels come in handy during a break. Playing Tennis involves lots of physical activities & lots of sweat. Towel wipe off the sweats gathered in face & hands & give you a refreshed feeling.
  • Shoes – If you are regularly practicing, it’s wise to wear tennis shoes. Tennis shoes fall in the same category of training or other sports shoes. In case you are searching for something like the Best tennis shoes for wide feet, check out Adidas adizero adios 4 (a famous, good quality & all size for everyone).
  • Water bottle – Dehydration will decrease your energy level. Carrying a water bottle filled with water will ensure that your body performs optimally & elevate your energy levels. Take a sip between breaks or at the start of the match.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • How to get better at Tennis at home?

Ans – There are several ways to get better at Tennis at home. Start practicing with basics, take a tennis ball & throw as high as you can. Catch the ball & keep repeating this practice. Another thing you can try is to play against the wall if your home has any. Keep hitting the ball, try not to miss, and increase precision by striking on the same spot.

  • How many times a week should I play Tennis?

Ans – It depends on what you actually want to do. If you are a seasonal player, then once or twice a week is enough. High school or college players usually play several times a week. If you are aiming for tournaments or tennis league challenges, we suggest practice 5x a week.

  • How to get better at Tennis by yourself?

Ans – To get better at Tennis by yourself requires lots of effort & mental preparation. First, set an improvement plan of what your goals are. Take up the racket & start practicing those movements you want to achieve. From serve to volley, all those top-notch techniques require a lot of practice.


Getting better & better is a never-ending quest of Tennis. That same applies to professional players too.

If you love this sport & hooked on this game, it’s typical to search for new ways of improving. I hope tips in this article will help you get better at Tennis a lot.

Our body doesn’t want to remember the extra effort we put into it. That’s why practicing every day & pushing your limits is the key to getting better at Tennis and all other sports.

Good luck with your gameplay & storming up the tennis court with your skills.

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