How to Play Tennis in Cold Weather

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Is its cold outside and are you thinking that how to play tennis in cold weather? Well, as of you know tennis is the most popular sports among the teen and you have a deep interest in it.  So, you should know about cold weather tennis apparel and many other tips to play in the cold season.

Tennis is a game of enjoyment and stamina where you need to be very completive out of the court. You have gained much knowledge about how to play tennis and many other tips to improve your gameplay. Now, you are looking for some tips for playing it in cold weather, and that’s why you are here.

Today you are going to get some advanced tips to play tennis in cold weather with tennis outfits for cold weather solutions. Now, you can play comfortably in cold weather and hope that you would keep practicing as you need to be a professional tennis player. So, let’s dig into the content to know more.


The best temperature to play tennis

According to a poll, the players would like to play tennis in between 21 to 25-degree Celsius temperature as it’s not too hot and too cold. If it is so hot outside and you are going to play tennis, then you will lose a big amount of saltwater from your body which will make you tired soon. Again, if it is so much cold outside then you can’t play comfortably and your hands will freeze.

But you can play in cold weather by following some tips unless you don’t get the perfect and suitable temperature for you. So, follow the tips to play in winter when it’s too cold outside.

Top Tips to Play in Cold Weather

Here, you will find the valuable tips which will help you to continue practicing in cold weather. So, let’s bring them in your daily life.

1.Warm You Up First!

At first, before starting playing tennis, you need to warm you up a little bit so that your blood can circulate continuously. The circulation oftennis-gloves blood will increase the movability of body parts. You can warm up yourself by running or taking some short exercise.

The exercise will also keep your limbs fit so that you can play comfortably. Nothing is more important than warm up at the very beginning.

2.Wear Gloves and Sunglasses

To wear gloves and sunglasses is the most primary thing before going to play in the cold. Because the gloves will help you keep your hand warm and the sunglass will protect you from the sun rays. Again, you may face migrant pain if you don’t wear sunglasses in winter before playing tennis.

3.Drink Water

You need to drink adequate water to stay hydrant. Whether it is a hot season or a cold season, you need to drink as much water as you can, and it will help you to stay fresh all the time. When you are playing tennis in any weather, you will lose saltwater in the form of perspiration, and you need to fill that gap.

So, there are no other alternatives to drink water as much as you can while playing tennis.

For all aged people and athletes, they should make it a habit of drinking water. The experts also suggest drinking adequate water every day.

4.Tennis clothes for cold weather

Have you heard about breathable cloths for athletes? Well, breathable cloths mean the cloth that can take breathe. Isn’t it amazing? So, what’s the relation between breathable apparel and winter clothes? Look, it’s very simple, and you can relate them. In the winter, the moisture remains too high, and your body leaves more water.

So, in this case, the breathable cloth can help you to stay fresh. Again, you need to wear a pair of breathable shoes, and that’s how you can fight against the cold.

5.Use Softer Strings

You should know that in the winter season, the strings of your bat get tighten and you need to keep your strings softer so that they may not playing-tennis-in-cold-weathertear apart. If you use more tension, there might be a chance of tearing your string all of a sudden. So, to avoid unexpected issues with racket string, you need to keep it soft compared to the regular tension.

6.Protect Yourself

Playing tennis in comfortable weather is good but playing it on zero degrees or even less is hazardous for the body. So, you need to protect yourself by taking some safety parameters. I will recommend you not to play on too cold. But, if it is so much important to play, then you can go for alternatives.

You can go to a dome court where the temperature is maintained strictly, and you can play there with ease. For the best alternative you need to go for it. IF you are so much dedicated to tennis, then you should build your dome for practicing.


1.What is too cold to play tennis?

– Zero degrees or even less than zero-degree temperature is too cold to play tennis in the general tennis court. But you can play on domes where the temperature is controlled artificially.

2.Can you play tennis in winter?

– If it’s not so much cold outside that you hardly can move then, you should not play in winter. But, in comfortable cold weather, you can continue practicing, and it won’t affect your gameplay. You should keep in mind that you need to choose the best tennis ball for playing in winter.

3.What to wear to play tennis in the winter?

– In the winter season, don’t forget to wear gloves and sunglasses at all. After that, you should wear breathable wearing in winter to play tennis.

Final Note

Hopefully, you have understood the way how to play tennis in cold weather, and by following those tips, you can also improve your gameplay. All you need to do is that keep practicing for doing better. Remember, there is no limit to learning new skills.


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