How to Practice Tennis Alone

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As you know that by practicing tennis more and more you can do better in this particular sport. So, many of you claim that you don’t have a partner and how to practice tennis alone? Well, you are going to know the ways how you can play and practice alone.

how-to-Practice-tennis -aloneTennis is the most popular game among teenagers, and some of you may want to go to professional leagues. And, that requires more and more professionalism in your game play. So, it upon you to improve your game play and tactics.

From this article, you are going to know how you can practice tennis at home alone and some tips to improve your overall game play. I hope you will get good practicing drills, which will help you to achieve your goals. So, let’s start.


What Will You Need to Practice Alone?

Before starting the practice, you need to know that you will require some equipment first. So what are the things that you need? Have a look on the list and the short description to make you understand-

  • Best Tennis Ball– You will need the best tennis ball to practice alone at home because the best ball can give you the best feature to play with. Again, the best tennis ball has a perfect weight, which will help you to improve yourself for professional leagues.
  • Racket Quality– For practice for a long time every day, you will need the best quality racket. The best racket will be flexible enough to make you comfortable in every practice session.
  • Space– If there is no nearby tennis court to practice and you are thinking about how to practice tennis alone without a court, then you need to know that for practicing, you will need space. It’s very difficult to practice in a tinny place.

The Drills: On Practicing Tennis Alone

If you want to know how to practice tennis alone, then these drills can help you to perform better. Have a look at the drills and keep practicing until you achieve your goal.

  • Practice with Wall.
  • Practice with Ball-Machine.
  • Practice with the Ground.

Practice with Wall

To practice with the wall, you will need to find a good flat wall. After that, take your racket and ball in your hand, and you are ready. Practice WallsThis practice will increase your reflection and shot power. Again if you mark a place on the wall and try to hit the market place, then it will increase your shot accuracy.

Place a ball in your hand and hit it with your racket towards the wall. After that, the ball will come back, and you will hit again after having a drop on the ground. This is the drill for a normal shot. If you want more experience, then try to hit the ball by not dropping on the ground.

You can use your garage wall to keep practicing. Some tennis courts also have wall on the background, and you can also practice there alone. So, it’s not a difficult task to practice tennis alone.

Practice with Ball-Machine

This drill is one of the best drills for the tennis player as they are getting a non-stop ball for hitting. This drill will help you to connect the ball at the perfect spot of the racket. Again, your reflection on the upcoming ball from the other end will also get improved.ball machine for tennis

Though the ball machine is a little expensive and needs extra space, it is the best drills for the player to practice alone. You will need to collect the ball that you have already hit. So, this will take some time, but the practice session will teach you a lot.

So, what are you getting from this type of machine? Well, have a look on the list to know what a ball-machine offers to you-

  • Spinning Ball
  • Angle Through
  • Speed Stabilizer
  • Timing

Practice with the Ground

If you can’t effort a ball throwing machine and want to practice differently at home, then this drill will help you. Take a ball in your hand and make a drop on the ground. When the ball completes a drop and sudden time, you need to hit the ball with your racket.

This is an easy drill to practice, and it will increase the hitting power. Again, you will improve your shot selection accuracy by practicing this drill properly every day.


  1. Does playing tennis against a wall help?

– Yes, playing tennis against a wall will help you a lot to increase your shot accuracy and speed. So, if you are alone, you should practice it to improve your tennis skill.

  1. How do I practice tennis in my backyard?

– You can take a practice ball and a racket in your hand and threw the ball to the air, and on the time it comes back, slide your racket to spin the ball and catch after one slide hit. Increase the number of slides hit gradually and hold the ball with your hand. This practice in your backyard will help you a lot to lift a spin shot.

  1. How to increase my stamina?

– To increase your stamina as well as footwork skills, you need to do regular exercise and different footwork drills. Again, a healthy diet can help you to increase your stamina. Don’t practice too much at the beginning and gradually speed up your practice session.


Additional Tips

You may follow some additional tips to improve your tennis skills and other professional staff. So, have a look at them-

Final Note

Hopefully, you have got the drills and known how to practice tennis alone at home or the playground. These drills will help you a lot to improve your skills and accuracy. These drills will also help you to increase tennis sense as well. So, keep practicing.

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