How to wash tennis shoes

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Who doesn’t expect a pair of clean and comfortable tennis shoes? But due to regular use, your shoes are getting stained, odors, and dirt. It is indeed panic to you. Isn’t it? For this reason, you certainly want to keep your shoes clean.

But do you know how to wash tennis shoes? It is quite simple as you can’t even think. There are many ways to clean tennis shoes. Which process makes your shoes best comfortable to wear.

We covered this article about tennis shoes washing methods. Stay along this guide to know how to wash shoes.


The step by step guideline to wash tennis shoes

Do you know how to wash tennis shoes in the washer machine? We mentioned here the general cleaning process of washing tennis shoes, polishing-shoeswhich will give your shoes a brand-new look. In this process, you can also learn how to wash shoes in the sink.

You have to brush the shoes before washing them. So that the loose dust and sand are removed, then take the necessary ingredients together. Here is the essential list of what you need to wash your shoes.

  • Toothbrush.
  • Detergent.
  • Baking soda.
  • Clothes or tissue paper.
  • Laundry bags.
  • towel.
  • Sink or bowl.
  • Warm water.

How to wash tennis shoes

 Step 1: Removing the laces

First, take off the laces of your shoes. Because these are very sensitive, so they have to be washed separately. So, put them in a laundry bag and toss them with laundry. However, if these are too weak, then you can replace your shoe laces.

Step 2: Insole cleaning

Maybe you have a pair of the best tennis shoes for wide feet. But do you know the sole cleaning is so crucial for the best shoes?

In a small bowl, make a combination of warm water and baking soda. Then take out the sole from the inside of the shoes. Now take a piece of soft cloth to wipe the sole with the warm water.

Now let the soles dry in an air dryer or tolerable sun heat. Many times, there may be an extra odor in your shoes. In this case, you can wash the soles only.

Step 3: washing the shoes

In this case, you need to be a little more careful. The cleaning method should be applied according to the fabric of the shoes because light detergent has to be used for sensitive material. Likewise, you have to rub the boots very gently.washing-shoes-in-washing-machine

First of all, Soak the inside and outside of the shoe with normal water. As a result, the dirt and muddy will rinse adequately. So, you can clean it correctly.

Now place the shoes into a mesh bag. And apply a mixture of heavier detergent and hot water. And let them into the washer with a similar color towel. The laundry bag prevents snagging. But you can use a pillowcase as an alternative.

You must remember to use the proper washer’s speed. Otherwise, the machine can lose the appropriate balancing with the higher spin.

Step 4: Proper drying

In this step, remove the shoes from the washers. And let drop out the additional water. Then place these shoes into a rack. Useful to set up the stand in a well-ventilated space.

Wrap the shoes before making them dry. Try to use a white towel or tissue paper. These will retain the exact color. Likewise, this wrapping helps in keeping the proper shape.

Step 5: Polishing

A proper polishing increases the shoe’s durability. It is good practice to polish tennis shoes after drying. In this case, use suitable color polish based on your shoe color. It will keep the shoe leather. Likewise, it is good to prevent cracking.

Hopefully, you can understand how to wash tennis shoes in the washer. Many don’t like to remove their shoes in the washing machine. So, they have a common question: how to wash shoes by hand. Additionally, this process will cover your answer of how to wash shoes in the sink.  So, you can clean your shoes by hand with the above similar process. So, keep clean your favorite shoes. It is an excellent arsenal of your best tennis backpack.

Caution for washing tennis shoes

 You might wash your tennis shoes by hand or by the washing machine; it is essential to remember the below warning. Then you can get rid of the worst experience.

  • Be aware of the shoe fabric before washing it
  • Use mild detergent with warm water to remove the sensitive fabric
  • Use heavy detergent with hot water to reduce the stain and stubborn
  • Wash the soles, laces, and shoe body separately
  • Wrap the shoes by a laundry mesh bag to prevent the snagging
  • Must use a similar color towel when you place the shoes in the washing machine
  • Don’t use newspaper to wrap the shoes after rinsing


  1. Can you put sneakers in the washing machine?

Yes, you can put your sneakers and shoes in the washing machine. But you have to maintain some rules. Must take apart the laces and soles from the shoes. Hence, mesh them with a pillow cover or mesh laundry bag. It will keep the shoes safe. In the meantime, keep the washing machine in a proper spin. Most importantly, don’t dry the shoes with a dryer. Let it dry with adequate ventilation.

How do you get the stink out of tennis shoes?

You can get stink out of your tennis shoes by using the baking soda formula. You have to toss directly on your shoes. But keep remembering to clean this after a while. Otherwise, your shoes may create sweat later.

Final Word:

Hopefully, you are aware now about How to wash tennis shoes. So, care for your tennis shoes. These are important as the best tennis ball. Besides, proper cleaning can long last your shoes. If you have anything more to learn about this topic, then let us know. We will update this content.


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