Most Popular Penn Championship Tennis Balls Review

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Are you looking for extra duty pressurized tennis balls? Well, then Penn Championship Tennis Balls are the perfect choice for you. You can ask us why?


The Penn Championship has been America’s No.1 best tennis ball since 100 years ago. They are improving these balls since then. Day by day, these championship tennis balls are getting more & more perfect through intense testing. These tennis balls are official balls of USTA league tennis (organizer of nationwide tennis tournaments) & I.T.F. approved.

The natural rubber construction of these balls makes them very durable & of high quality. Their interlock wool fiber design will let the balls last for a long time. In every match, Penn championship balls give a very realistic & precise bounce. Therefore, every tennis match becomes very much enjoyable.


This article will discuss why these balls are a perfect choice and why I’d choose penn championship tennis balls 20-pack as my regular balls. Let’s check out!


Who are the Penn Championship Tennis Balls for?

  • If you are beginner & looking for the best quality tennis balls, then Penn championship tennis balls extra duty is perfect for you.
  • For those who are looking for low budget tennis balls, these balls are a perfect choice for them.
  • The rubber composition of these balls is suitable for Outdoor Surfaces.
  • For Hard Courts, these balls are well-suited too.

Why I brought the Penn Championship Tennis Balls | FEATURES.


Penn Championship balls are a standard for all other tennis balls. It represents the standard by which other tennis balls are measured in the court. USTA league’s official ball is Penn Championship balls. A significant variation is available in the Penn Championship series tennis balls. For example – extra-duty felt, extra-duty high altitude felt, or regular duty felt. Every series ensures quality play on the court.

Details On Amazon

Among those, Penn championship extra duty felt tennis balls 20-pack are my favorite. Whenever I play indoor or outdoor, those balls are hard-wearing enough to withstand repeated play on hard court surfaces. They give consistent bound & speed for low impact & perfect playability. Because of the interlocking process, the elastic seams are woven correctly to reduce cracking. Manufacturers have added fiber to the balls to increase longevity.

              *Build Quality*

These extra duty championship balls are made for lasting. Extra duty means heavy hitting, which this ball is specialized. Penn Championship organization has experience of 100 years. They construct the balls using natural rubber that ensures balance with a predictable response. And it also cuts down the shock which the ball withstands after each heavy strike. Each ball of Penn Championship extra duty has interlocked woolen fiber material that increases longevity under hard-hitting on hard court surfaces. The balls’ structure’s elastic seams run deep to avoid early cracking that might make the balls unstable.

     *Playability Locations*

Penn Championship tennis balls have an advantage over other tennis balls because of their playability in different locations. Although these balls are ideal for hardcourt areas & give the best performance, they are made for different surfaces. You can play indoor or outdoor using those balls without any headache. My personal opinion is, those balls are playable on clay, soft & hard courts too. When playing tennis, a noteworthy mention is wearing the best tennis shoes for maximum advantage in a match.

*Availability in Different Sizes*

Another advantage of Penn Championship extra duty tennis ball is available in different cases. So, you can buy a lot together. These extra duty tennis balls come in almost each Can size & provides good value for money when purchasing larger pack sizes. Each Can contain three balls & you can choose from 1 to 12 Can packing packages. And for maximum Can size is up to 24 Can with 72 balls in total.

When going for a day-long tennis match or tournament, use your best tennis backpack to carry those balls efficiently & after extracting a tennis ball from the Can, seal the Can again to ensure other balls don’t pop


  • No.1 Selling Tennis Balls of America.
  • Official Tennis balls of Tournaments like USTA Leagues, U.S. open.
  • Natural rubber construction for shock absorption.
  • Wool fiber for lasting build quality.
  • Different Can sizes for choosing freedom.
  • Low price with excellent performance value.


  • Not the best packaging.
  • A rare case of uneven bounce.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.What kind of tennis balls are there?

Ans – There are usually three kinds of tennis balls available. Extra Duty, Regular Duty, and High-altitude balls. Regular duty balls are perfect for clay & peaceful grounds, and extra-duty balls are for hard courts. High altitude balls are higher ground courts, standard – Sea Level.

2.What’s the difference between regular duty and extra duty tennis balls?

Ans – Regular Duty tennis balls have minimal fluffing that gives quick performance through the air. Extra duty balls have additional fluff, which sits on the strings a little longer. As a result, extra duty tennis balls feel heavier than regular duty tennis balls.

3.How long do tennis balls last?

Ans – It depends. If you play pressurized tennis balls moderately, it might last from 14 weeks. On the other hand, a pressureless ball can last from 1 to 3 years on the moderate play.

4.Which tennis balls are best for hard courts?

Ans – There are several brands available that are well known & called the best for hard court. Penn Championship Tennis Balls are the best for hard courts from beginner to intermediate play from our perspective.


We see Penn Championship Tennis Balls on tennis courts everywhere we go. The reason is a high performance, durability, and all-around tennis balls for all skill levels. These balls are ideal for playing on hard courts.

These tennis balls are number one of America’s selling tennis balls because of their quality & brand value.

From our perspective, if you are looking for an affordable & reliable tennis ball that’s a complete package, then Penn Championship Extra Duty Tennis Balls are a no brainer. From casual gaming to competitive matches, it covers all around.


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