How to choose tennis racket grip size

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Grip size has an immense impact on the racket performance. What tennis grip sizes should you choose? Remember, a right Tennis racket grip size can give you the ever-best tennis experience. Likewise, the wrong choice can give you a painful experience.

So, you have the right idea about the tennis racket grip size chart. In this content we are discussing, all about the tennis grip size. At the same time, we will provide a standard chart.

You can choose the right grip after reading this guide. Read more to know the next.


How to measure your grip size

There are two most natural methods to measure grip size. One is the ruler test, and another is the index finger test. However, you can use a tennis-racket-size-guidecombination of these two methods to get the ideal result. Let’s know both ways.

Method 1: Ruler test

At the very first, place the racket hand’s fingers together. Take a ruler and place one edge on the bottom of your palm. It will stay horizontally at the base of your old finger.

Notice that you have got the measurement from the bottom of your palm to the ring finger. This measurement is ideal for your tennis racket grip.

Method 2: Index finger test

In this step, you have to hold the racket with your hitting hand. Keep remembering to use a forehand grip when holding the racket. That refers, the noise lower edge should stay at the touch of the palm.


Hence, put the index finger on the gap of the hitting hand’s ring finger and palm. Keep in mind; the index finger should have non-hitting hands. Notice if your finger is sitting correctly in this space. If not, then you have to understand that your tennis grip is shorter than you require. And if the middle area is more significant than your index finger, then it is too big a grip.

What happens when the grip is too long or too short?

The too-small grip creates problems to twist the racket from your hand. Similarly, you have to apply more strength in your hand. Besides, it can create your elbow problem.

On the other hand, too big a grip will create obstacles to snapping your wrist while playing. Moreover, it may create tennis elbow problems. So, it would be best if you chose a proper grip. We mean, the suitable size between the finger ring and the index finger. Which can provide the maximum comfort of your hand? Otherwise, the focus and goal of your game can be ruined.

The standard grip size chart

US Grip Size Europe


TW product listing Size in millimeters
4 inches 0 4 (#0) 100-103 mm
4-1/8 inches 1 4 1/8 (#1) 103-106 mm
4-1/4 inches 2 4 1/4 (#2) 106-110 mm
4-3/8 inches 3 4 3/8 (#3) 110-113 mm
4-1/2 inches 4 4 1/2 (#4) 113-118 mm
4-5/8 inches 5 4 5/8 (#5) 118-120 mm
4-3/4 inches 6 4 3/4 (#6) 120-123 mm

What if I’m in between sizes?

Generally, the handle size can be increased as per the user’s needs. But most of the racket handle size can’t be reduced. If you are in the between grip size, then what should you do? Ok, let us say.

In the case of between grip, you should go with the smaller size. However, you need to add the best tennis over grip to make a perfect fit grip. Increasing the grip size is an easier task with a general over the hold of 1/16 inch sizes.

Likewise, a hit shrink sleeve can also increase the grip size. The hit shrink increases the grip up to 1/8 inches. It may add some weight in the bat. But good enough to perform with the best tennis ball. Besides, most of the pro player use the over grip to make perfect the tennis racket.

Regular grip replacement allows you to get the best experience in a tennis racket game. So, the right tennis grip size is more important than the best tennis shoes for wide feet. A perfect grip size increases your confidence to control the racket game.

Types of tennis racket grip

The grip material depends on the user’s comfort. Not all of the users are comfortable with similar articles. However, we found the top three best grip materials. These are most popular for the best comfort. So, you can go with this.

Rubber grip:

Rubber grips are made of synthetic rubbers or polyethylene. These are spongy too. But a little bit less durable.

Towel grip:

Towel grip is mainly made of rubber and covered by the absorbent towel clothes. These are highly comfortable and reasonably durable.

Over grip:

It is such a grip that is used for increasing the grip size. Mainly, it is made from the quality of synthetic plastic.


1.What tennis grip size should I use?

You should use a grip size as per the measurement of your hand wrist. The length should be similar to the average length of your ring finger and palm bottom. Good to know, the size should be taken from the bottom crease. The distance can be four inches or 4-5 / 8 inches.

2.Does grip size matter tennis?

Yes, of course. Grip size also plays a significant role in your tennis game because a smaller grip size can ruin all of your game goals.

It prevents twisting the tennis bat while playing. As well as the over most considerable grip prevents the proper wrist movement.

Final Word: 

Hopefully, you are now aware of the right tennis racket grip size. Follow the index finger or ruler methods whenever you need to change or replace the grip. It would be better if you can apply these both methods. Then you can realize the real standard. If this guide is informative to you, then share it with your friends. And you can ask another question about this topic.  We will update this content.

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