Tennis tips for beginners

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Have you just started playing tennis and searching for tennis tips for beginners? As a beginner, you have a long way ahead and need to know very basic tips about tennis, which will help you be a professional. If you love tennis, then you should follow tips for performing better.

Many famous players have given several tips for beginners and need to follow them to track the right way. These tips are valuable for you, and I’ll recommend you to follow them and practice the drills every day.

In this article, you are going to get tennis for beginner’s drills, tennis tips and tricks, and have a great idea about the best tennis ball. So, let’s start.


Tennis Tips for the Beginners

I have divided these tips for beginners into two parts. One is for those who need to know how to serve in tennis, and another portion is about overall gameplay. So let’s start with the service making tips-

Tips for Serve

Serve is an essential part of tennis. It would be best if you were perfect in serving the ball. There are many tips for you to improve your service quality.

 Racket Choosing

The best racket choosing should be the first task for you. To select the racket, you need to know the weight you can tennis-racketcomfortably lift. After that, you need to check the build quality of the racket that you are going to play. Again, you need to check the grip size so that you can hold the racket quite easily.

Don’t forget to re-strung if you think that there should change the string hardness of your racket.

Holding the Racket

It’s the main part to serve your ball to the opponent. It would be best if you learned how to hold the racket. For serving the ball, you need to grip the racket by one hand. In serving, you need to grip your racket with your thumb strongly and other fingers around the grip. The two-handed backhand grip is also important while playing a serve coming from the other hand. So, hold your racket wisely.

Overall Game play Tips

Tennis is not just a game of crossing the net with ball one end to another where you need to be very skillful to win the match. To improve your overall game play, you should follow some tips. So, let’s start with tips and drills.

Increase Stamina

This is an important thing that you should abide by. You will require the maximum amount of stamina to play tennis as there are three sets to play. So, how to increase stamina? Well, you can take regular exercise to increase your stamina level. For exercise, you can run for a while or can swim.

If you want to increase your stamina at an incredible rate, then swimming is the best way to do so. Again, you can take a healthy diet to keep you fit for practicing tennis. You should not eat fatty food as they are very harmful to your body.

An athlete should keep fit by any means, and so you should not do anything wrong. If you have the habit of smoking or drinking alcohol, then you must leave the habit by any cost. By doing so, you can increase your stamina.

Track the Opponent

When you practice with your friend or a random opponent, you need to keep in mind that you ought to track the opponent. All the professional players can assume the opponent, and that’s how they play so good.

It would help if you saw how your player reacts in every situation during the game, and you will know what will be the next strike. It’s very important to track the opponent for winning a match. So, keep practicing as there are no other alternatives.

 Stay Cool

You should not panic at any stage of the game; rather, you should stay cool. The best way to stay cool is that you need not think that you can’t win. Always try to think you can win the match, and that will increase your confidence. And the confidence will help you to stay cool always. If you think that the opponent is strong, then you won’t get the confidence that you need.

 Stay Focused 

It would be best if you did not think of other irrelevant thinking while you are playing to ruin your overall game tactics. You need to stay focused and need to have your tactics to complete a good match. It would help if you always tried to figure out how to defeat while you are in a game. Take every game seriously, and that’s how you are going to be a professional.

 Practice with the best ball

As a beginner, you need to practice with the best ball regularly. The best ball has a perfect weight and hit effect. The practice-tennis-ballsprofessional always suggest practicing with the best ball. Choosing the best ball is also tough and so here is a tip for you-

The stage -1 green ball weighs 47-51 grams, and before buying, you need to check the weight of the ball, and the shape looks perfectly round. Again, the stage-3 red ball weighs 36-45 grams. After selecting the ball, you need to practice very hard every day with proper drills.


How to play tennis for beginners?

As a beginner, you need to play seriously so that you can win the match. Again, it would be best if you practiced a lot to be a professional player indeed.

What are the best drills for beginners in tennis?

– Follow the points to practice

  • Play with the wall, and it will increase your reflection.
  • Try to make serve with jumping.
  • Make some slow dodge shot to get perfection in slow dodge.

Final Note

I hope you have some valuable tennis tips for beginners and you will work on them. These tips will help you to make you a professional player. There are no other alternatives than to practice every day. So, keep practicing.

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