Top Tennis Drills for Kids

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Top tennis drills for kids can make your child interested in tennis. And it influences the kids to have fun in this game. Tennis games are superior to improving your kid’s skill. Firstly, it is helpful to keep the baby healthy. Then, your kids can grow when they have played such a mental game.

Tennis becomes one of the most popular to the American people. Almost 18 million people are enjoying the tennis game each year in the American regions. The kids have become much interested in recent times to play tennis. Besides, parents also would like to teach their kids to play tennis.

Today I am discussing on top tennis drills for the kids. These are also known as fun tennis games drills. So, the adults or beginners can enjoy these drills. All of the listed exercises here are essential learning.


Top Tennis Drills for Kids

Here are some standard and simple tennis drills for six years old. However, these are also useful tennis drills for four years old.

Ball Bouncing: tennis-drills-for-groups

The most comfortable tennis drills for kids is a ball bouncing. But it will be crucial when your kids can touch the main point. So, take a tennis ball and give your child’s hand. You show them multiple times how to bounce the ball. Then ask them to do so continuously. You will be amazed and see that they are doing this over and over again. Even they are doing this with great fun.


kid-tennisYou certainly know about the Warmups process. It refers to the ball jumping on the racquet. Doing this several times will increase your ability to control the best tennis ball. Likewise, your kids will learn how to maintain a balance between the ball and racquet. Likewise, it makes the blood flowing process better. Also, the kids can learn the eyes and hand combination.

Running in the lines:

Running in the lines is another good drill for the kids. Because make the child skilled to run on the tennis court. Besides, it keeps the blood flow better. Moreover, it keeps the player active and warm. Also, kids or newbie player can learn about several line names.


Tidy is a popular drill for a kid to learn tennis. Good to know this method needs at least 12 tennis ball cans. Remember to take the ball cans with lids. Firstly, decorate the cans on one side of the court. All of the boxes divide into two parts and put them on two vertical rows. Set up six cans with lids up and set up six cans with tops down. Now make a competition between two kids. Let them fill the boxes within one minute. Each of them has to flip the cans from the opposite direction. Who can turn over the maximum cans, he or she will win?

Sending and receiving drills:

In these drills, you need some cones. Generally, this drill works better with the children of 5 to 7 years old. Whatever, set up five cones each side of the court. This game can be played in two ways. In the first step, the coach stays on one side of the net. And the children remain on the other side. Each team tries to toss the ball and reach the other sided cone. Which team has reached the five shots in the funnel first, they will own?

Toss and Catch:

These drills are useful Tennis drills for 10-12-year-olds. In these drills, the kids should stand one side of the court. And the coach stood on the other side. Then give one orange color cone in each kid’s hand. When everybody prepares to play, the game should start. The coach has to toss the ball to stay on the opposite side. And then the kids will catch it on the cone.

Tips for starting tennis drills for your kids

You might be highly interested in teaching your kids tennis. But I think you need to take some time to consider several things. Because you naturally have to expend money and labor behind this mission. So, think before making the final decision. Many times, it may happen that your kids are not interested in this game at all.

  • Make short session for the kids, so they don’t get bored to practice
  • Try to manage a meeting within 15 to 20 minutes to play tennis drills.
  • Must provide them with fun tennis games drills so they will be interested in it
  • Create a unit with some kids. As a result, they will be involved in playing each other
  • Praise them for a tiny achievement so they can get inspired
  • And give them small rewards for each successful drill.


1.What are tennis drills referring to?

Tennis drills refer to the practice of individual games to be an expert in tennis. Mostly, basic exercises are suitable for kids and beginners. On the other hand, there are substantially advanced drills for the expert level player. Overall, drills define the individual part of the tennis game.

2.What are tennis drills referring to?

You might start to teach your three years old baby to play drills. But it is so essential to understand what they are doing. I realize, three years kids can’t correctly understand what they are doing. So, they have no unique benefits to learn in three years. However, you can take him or her to the tennis court.

Final Words: 

I have covered the most comfortable top tennis drills for kids. If you are eagerly interested in teaching your child tennis, then follow the basic exercises above. These can make your kids interested in tennis. At the same time, it will improve their health and mind. Moreover, a newbie also can follow the above drills. Do you want to ask anything more? Then just let me know. I will write about your benefits.

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