What is a Net Ball In Tennis? The Ultimate Guide

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Do you know what is a net ball in tennis? It is such a kind of ball that strikes the top of the net. Like a game of tennis and volleyball on the service.

The ball can only touch the net and return to the player. On the other hand, when the ball contacts the net and goes to the service box, it is called the let ball in tennis.

We will share the difference between let ball and netball in our blog post with you. So that all tennis lovers have gained knowledge about a tennis game.


What is a let ball and net ball in tennis?

When the questions come out, what is a let ball a net ball? And the answer is, tennis has two sides, one is Let ball and the other is netball. Netball means that ball that is served by a player and touches the net. But it is not a faulty ball when it goes to the service court and contacts outside the service court. The tennis ball touches the net and falls outside of the box, it is called net ball in tennis.

However, the let ball in tennis is that ball that touches the tennis ball net and touches the service court correctly. A Player does not do any fault to serve the ball and can be penalized. This type of ball, people say, let ball in tennis. The central fact is, let ball in tennis touch the net and land outside of the service court.

Let and net ball in tennis

Let, and netball both are included in tennis. Netball only touches the net and comes back and falls on the opposite side of the court. And the Let ball in tennis serves on the net and feels it. After that, it enters the appropriate box of service.

When a player serves and touches the top of the net, the receiver team gains the point. Let is legally deliver the ball in the land. Also, cross the service box of the court and touch the net. In the first serve let ball is the most often occurs.

Netball occurs penalty.

When it occurs at fault, the ball hits the net in tennis and creates a penalty. And in Let ball in tennis, the ball touches the net and enter the service box but no penalty.

The fault of a netball or Let ball

Netball in tennis creates fault where let ball in tennis should not be a mistake. When professional players play tennis over, their sensors rules protect human error. And this sensor can catch the let ball fault when it is served. The following fault is:

  • The tennis ball touches the net, but if it is not clear, it is the net ball’s fault.
  • Touching the net when tennis balls bounce off in the service court means let ball in tennis and it is not faulted.
  • When a player’s foot is in the wrong position and serves during the late causes fault.
  • Missing the serve and tennis ball not hitting the net is a fault.
  • When a player’s foot contact with the sidelines and serve let when initiating the center extension line is a fault.
  • It occurs at fault when the receiver hits over the net before bouncing the tennis ball.

Number of let ball tennis

You can serve and allow uncountable let in tennis. When a tennis ball goes to the net to touch it and lands on the service court, it does not create any fault. So as a player, you can repeat let unlimited.

Because when receiver serves let before bouncing and the tennis ball touching the but enter the wrong positions, it is a fault. And let ball tennis allow you to repeat the game.

Why is it called let when a tennis ball hits the net?

You can call let ball in tennis anytime when the point play interferes and when it replayed. Let means the service creates a fault; you can repeat it. However, an umpire seat in front of the net cord in netball tennis. When the tennis ball touches the net it is called a netball in tennis.

Every tennis player serves the tennis that is hit the net and when land on the service court is let tennis ball. And that’s why, when the ball touches the net but it is called let. This type of tennis ball comes with rubber fabric and is lightweight to create bouncing. You can put them in the best tennis backpack that are available.

For bouncing the ball, touch the net, go to the service box, and make let ball in tennis. In terms, let means the hindrance or obstructions. And let ball in tennis is legal in racket sports. And the umpire allows the point in let ball in tennis, and players receive a second try.


Q1. What is the difference between netball and a let ball?

 Ans: The difference is that a net touches the net and returns on opposite sides, where a let ball contacts the net and goes to the service court.

Q2. Is a net ball legal in tennis?

Ans: Hitting a ball around the net is legal. As a player, you can hit the ball around the net but it is not lawful to through it. Players can also reach over the net to hit the ball in the first bounce.

Q3. What’s the difference between LET and net in tennis?

Ans: Let serves do not make the fault and when the ball goes on the court service box, it does not create a penalty. But Net can detect tennis balls and make errors.

Q4. Why are they called let instead of net?

Ans: While the ball touches the net, it is called Let ball in tennis because the player’s attempt at the service is not counted. When the player passes the ball, people call it Let ball in tennis.

Final word

In a nutshell, we flourish about what is a net ball in tennis? We also know about Let ball and Netball in tennis. Though both touch the net, let is happening when a player serves the ball and it enters into the service court by touching the net.

As a service ball net is used and creates fault. However, let the ball land in the right path of the service box.

Let ball has no limitation. You can serve the let ball in tennis many times as a player. If it does not happen let, you will not make another attempt. In Netball, a player can touch over the net and serve it.

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