What is a walkover in tennis

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Tennis is one of the most watched and played sports in the world. Nearly 87 million people around the world play tennis that belong to almost 1.17% of the world’s population. However, do you know walkovers in tennis are one of the major causes for which a player can win a match without competition? If not, then this article is for you.

Almost all people are aware of the reasons for why a player can lose a tennis match. But there are a few people who actually know about walkovers in tennis. Knowing this may not make you a good player but when you go for an international tournament, you can lose the match without any competition due to the lack of knowledge regarding walkovers.

Therefore, in this article, I will discuss what is a walkover in tennis comprehensively. Along with this, I have combined some FAQs and other relevant topics that might a player need to know. So, keep reading this article.



Like other sports, tennis is also regulated by a number of rules and regulations. All the players have to obey these rules. The purpose is to maintain transparency in the tennis matches.  WALKOVER is such a rule in tennis.

Walkover simply means when a player wins a tennis match without any contest. A walkover win makes two points for the winner.  Walkover can take place for the following reasons:

  • When a tennis tournament gets call off without any prior 24 hours declaration
  • When a player gets hurt during the warmup session and become unable to attend the match
  • When a player postpones a match
  • If the match is not commenced within 30 minutes of the allocated time without any valid reason
  • If a gamer is more than 30 minutes delayed starting the match

Who wins the match?

A player who has cancelled the match is the loser of the game and vice-versa. The reason is very simple that tennis has its own rules, and everyone must respect those rules. Other players have tried very hard to win the match. So, whenever a player rejects a match, it makes the other player upset. Therefore, the result goes in that way.  The authority also does it to show respect to the rules.

However, the winner is titled “won by walkover.”  For example, Naomi Osaka had to refuse the Western & Southern Open final in august, 2020, because of severe injury. At that time, the authority declared her opponent Belarus’s Victoria Azarenka as “champion by walkover.”

How the Walkover Rule Benefits Players

There are several ways by which walkover benefits the players.

  • Making the rules clear: The rule is that all players must obey the rules. Walkover makes the players have a straight understanding about the rule that is easy to observe. The authority does not entertain any exception of this.
  • Encouraging less disruption: Walkover encourages the players to come to the court in time to conduct the match without any disruption.
  • Respect for other players: Walkover shows respect to the opponent players for putting his/ her efforts.
  • Less time wasted: Due to walkovers, the players are less likely to delay the match. It saves time at the end.
  • Points awarded to “winner”: To discourage the offender and to encourage the players, walkover gifts two points to the winner.

What Is the dissimilarity Between a Walkover and a Default?

However, a walkover is not the only non- conventional way to win a tennis tournament. Walkover, default and retirement are all possible ways a player might win a game without contesting it through. However, the distinction between a walkover and a default rests in who starts off the action.

A walkover takes place when a player suspends a match due to ill-ness, personal reasons, injury during warm up session, or being late for 30 minutes of the allocated time. For example, if a player wants to end up a match quickly since he has another match to join or to go home early due to personal reasons.

On the other hand, a default comes up when the administration itself rejects a player to attend a match because of the violation of rules by a player. For instance, US Open match authority defaulted to Novak Djokovic in the fourth-round match for striking the line judge with a ball and he had to face penalties for this.

Suggestion for winning a tennis game and to avoid walkover:

There are some basic tips that a player can follow to win a match and to avoid walkovers. These may include:

Obey the rules: Every sport has its own rules and regulations. Every player must show and maintain those rules to support transparency of that sport. So, know the rules and regulation of tennis firstly, then attend the sport.

Proper training: Remember one thing, your opponent is also trying hard to throw you out of the box. Therefore, proper training is important to conquer the match. Try to use the best equipment during your training session to get used to with that equipment such as best tennis balls, Best tennis overgrip, Best tennis shoes for wide feet, best tennis backpack, etc. Because ultimately you will use these things while playing.

However, Penn championship tennis balls are one of the best tennis balls to try out. If you haven’t still used it, we recommend you can use this Penn championship tennis ball.

Be secure from getting injured: injury is another reason that can lead to walkover. So be careful of the shots that can lead you to the injury. To avoid injury, pay attention to your wrist, and leg specially. There are many brands who make the Best tennis shoes for wide feet and narrow feet. However, some of the Best tennis shoes may include Adidas adizero adios 4.

Don’t be late: being late is another reason for walkovers. So don’t do anything that will make you late in the match. Try to organize the stuff that you will need during the match before the day of your match. A wholesome tennis backpack can help you in a big way in this regard. However, nike-court-tennis-backpack is considered as one of the best tennis backpacks by world-famous tennis players. We highly recommend using nike-court-tennis-backpack as your best tennis backpack.


  • What is the point of view of A WALKOVER?

Walkover doesn’t assign a player as guilty. There can be several legitimate reasons for what a match can get cancelled. Tennis follows the rule of walkover to facilitate the smooth management of different tennis leagues, to support the respectful program and offer a result when a player suspends a match at sudden declaration. So that the opponent gets little chance to attend another match.

  • In what way points are a player credited after a walk away win?

When a player wins a match through a walkover, that player wins 2 points. However, there is another thing to mention that, if a player is taking part in a non-prolonged set up federations where both players acquire a point for finalizing the match, there a player doesn’t accept any extra point!

  • Who recompense for the courts when a walkover happens?

The rule is that both players will share the cost of the court as the court was reserved for both of them. But sometimes, the player who has cancelled the match wants to recompense for the court.

Final verdict:

Though tennis is one of the most popular sports around the world. There are some rules of tennis that are little known by the people. Walkover is such a rule.

In this article, I have tried my best to provide a detail about what is walkover in Tennis and other relevant topics about it. I now hope you know this rule and have found this article useful.

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