What is the tennis volley, and how is it executed?

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Tennis volley is a magical technique that is highly effective to make a tennis player successful. The world-class tennis player Roger Federer has been followed by some flawless tennis volley. But What is the tennis volley, and how is it executed?

Ok, a tennis volley is a shot in a tennis game that needs to perform within the right time with accuracy. Every volley shot requires maximum accuracy within seconds.

So, a high level of agility and skill is needed to execute a volley shot correctly. This guide will talk about different types of volley shots and how to perform a volley in tennis. So, let’s start.


What is a tennis volley?

Tennis volley refers to a special shot in which a player prevents the opponent by returning the ball before bouncing. There are several types of volley shots. And these shots are generally aggressive and need to play near to the net.”

Key components of tennis volley execution

Here are the steps that are mandatory to be successful in tennis volley shots. Every component is related to the other. And the best combination of all steps can give you the joy of success. Also, you have to make sure about the best tennis ball and best tennis overgrip.

Primary stage:

For any game, the initial preparation is very important. In the tennis field, the primary step has a great role in making effective the forehead and back head volley. This step keeps a player ready to return the ball to the opponent. It also balances the player to play with a perfect volley shot. Do note that expert tennis players are using Wilson pro overgrip to improve the volley shot.


Agility means the power to react quickly to make the shot. Generally, a player needs to respond quickly on the tennis field, but it is too crucial for playing a volley shot. A tennis player especially has to move their feet, body, hand and eyes in the right ways to return the ball correctly.

Mental alertness:

The second important thing of a volley shot is mental alertness. All players have to be careful to play volley shots. It means they need to be aware mentally as well as physically. Keep in mind that a volley shot is not like a cross-court or another game. So, it needs a more active brain to react with the opponent.


There is not any better alternative than footwork in a volley tennis shot. For best volley execution, you must know the proper footwork. Most importantly, a player can’t properly execute the forehead and back head without knowing the right footwork techniques.

Body movement:

Body movement is the most important part of a volley shot. Proper body movement at the right time will allow a player to play just a few shots. But it is good to remember that body movement doesn’t only refer to the movement of hands, feet and wrist.

A player has moved their body at a convenient angle when they play volley shot. When the ball is low, a player body should have to be down. On the other hand, the player’s body should have moved higher when the ball is higher. This rule would be similar for table tennis. But what is a volley in table tennis? Ok it refers to hitting on the ball before touching it with the table or ground.

Things to avoid in a tennis volley

  • Don’t try to make a volley shot if you have not enough experience on preparatory hits.
  • Avoid excess front swing to prevent the extensive forward motion
  • Try not to hit on a ball with a chopping motion. It may make you fail to earn points.
  • Don’t much bend your wrist during the touches of racket and ball
  •  Keep your body as far as possible when hitting the ball
  • Never try to hit a ball for volley shot when you are in an unbalanced position
  • Avoid hitting the easy volley shot that can help an opponent to return the ball
  • Avoid using two hands together when you play a volley shot for the forehead.


1) What is the tennis volley, and how is it executed?

Tennis volley is a very important technique for playing tennis. There are other techniques like forehead and back head volley that have to be played very intelligently. A volleyed shot can be easily executed if some techniques are known. Agility, footwork and body movement are some of those.

2)What is the action of a volley in tennis?

Volley action refers to the tiny moment when a player has created a volley in the air before starting the ball bounce. The volley technique consisting of a combination of forehead and back head is a very effective action. Most importantly, this volley shot has to be played from near to the net.

3)How do you volley in tennis for beginners?

The primary condition of accurate volley shots is skill and agility. Both of these players need to learn from regular practice. In this case, keeping in mind some factors would be easier for beginners. First of all, it is essential to set up a mind for a volley shot. At the same time, a player should have to learn agility, body movement, mental activeness and footwork.

4)Is a volley legal in tennis?

According to the volley tennis rules ITF, volley shots are not legal. Volley shot means hitting the ball before the bounce. The tennis rules have a law that a player should let the ball bounce, and then hitting would be legal.

Final Words:

We sincerely believe that you have already known what the tennis volley is and how it is executed. We have mentioned the primary steps to the execution of a volley shot.

Remember again that volley is a sensitive shot in a tennis game. And it is helpful for a lot of successful points. But volleyball needs an expert player who has enough agility, mental power, body movement and footwork.

Do you have more things about volley shot, then let us know? We are promising to improve this guide as per the reader requirements. Share this guide if you feel good after reading it.

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