What’s is in My Tennis Bag

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Maybe you are a newbie or professional tennis player, but you need a tennis bag where you can keep all your essential things together for a tennis match. Then a question arises what’s is in my tennis bag?

So, in this content, I will tell you what the basic and must-have things are you should keep in your tennis bag.

So, stay with me and make a list for your tennis bag and prepare for the upcoming match.


In My Tennis Bag

1.Water or Sports drink

It is an important matter for every sportsman that he/she should be properly hydrated during match or practice. Otherwise, his/her performance will obviously decrease. So, it is a must you should carry at least one water bottle having pure water with you.tennis-backpack

Another essential thing is, you should carry a sports drink in your tennis bag. Because when you are sweating, you are losing minerals too like calcium, potassium, magnesium. To restore them, you can drink sports drink during changeovers or breaks. You can also have some dry foods or banana too for instant energy and recovering these essential minerals.

2.Extra Tennis Racquets

Tennis racquets are an essential object in your tennis bag. Furthermore, it is decidedly recommended that you should carry two or more extra tennis racquets. It is because your tennis racquet or string may break during the match. You cannot borrow other’s racquets because everyone’s grip or style won’t match with you.

You should keep your extra racquets or frame in the middle portion, and it should be insulated from moisture and sun. This will save your racquets from damage.

3.Tennis Balls

It is good practice to bring some tennis balls with you. It sounds odd if you do not carry any tennis ball in your tennis bag. And you can not play tennis soundly with an old or dirty ball. Moreover, if you carry a new and sealed ball with you, it means that you are always ready and have a dedication.

The number of balls, you should carry depends on which type of ground you are playing and how many matches you will play. But it is better to keep at least 5 tennis balls in your tennis bag. You can keep “Penn World Tour”, “Wilson US Open Starter Balls” “Wilson Regular Duty”

“Babolat Championship” etc. these are the best tennis ball in this time.

4.Backup Strings

You should carry extra strings if you are playing any tournament as it is a common incident there. Or, while you are playing a practice match or friendly match, it is good to carry some extra strings. Because, if your racquets string breaks, you may not find the exact string you use.

And if you carry extra string in your tennis bag, you can quickly restring your racquet and continue your match.

5.Sun and Sweat Protection

If you have outdoor matches during the summer season, you should keep sun and sweat protection in your tennis bag. You should keep sunscreen for saving your skin from damage. You should also keep a sun visor and cap whether sunlight hits in your eyes.

You should carry some extra wristbands and headbands because of the sucks the sweats. If you wear them the whole time of the match, it will create a very bad odor. Wearing them for a long time is also harmful to your skin.


Carrying towels is quite a common thing for every tennis player. Towels not only absorb your sweats but also keep your body fresh. If you sweat heavily, you should carry at least two towels in your bag.

You will find various types of towels. They may vary in size. You should keep a suitable one in your tennis bag.

7.Extra Clothes

It is better to carry some extra clothes in your tennis bag like socks, shorts, shirts, underwear, jacket, trouser, etc. depends on the weather and situation. If you become very wet, you can change between sets break. Moreover, if you change your clothes after completing sets, you feel fresh.

If you play in the cool winter season, you can carry a full sleeve shirt or jacket. So, it is better to keep extra clothes for comfort. Moreover, this has an impact on performance.

8.Extra Over Grips and Dampeners

You should keep some extra overgrips and dampeners in your tennis bag. If you play for a long time or sweats a lot, you may lose grip. In this case, replacing is essential for you. The wet grip also creates problem while you serve or stroke. Moreover, this decreases your efficiency.bags-for-tennis

So, it is better to keep some additional overgrips in your bag. And change them during breaks. And from my point of view, “Gamma Suprme”, “Yonex Super Grab”, “Wilson Pro Overgrip”, “Head Xtreme Soft Overgrip” are some best overgrip that you can add on your tennis bag.

9.Sandals and Extra Shoes

After playing a match, wearing sandals will surely give relief to your feet. Moreover, playing a two- or three-hours long match puts huge pressure on your feet. Your socks and shoes are sweated. It will surely disturb you.

So, it is better to add some extra pair of fresh shoes in your bag for your own comfort. But what shoes will you keep in your bag? I have some suggestions for you. You can take “Adidas Adizero adios 4“, “New Balance MC1006v1”, “Adidas Barricade”,  “Adidas Court jam”, “New Balance WC806 ASICS Gel-Resolution 8” etc. as they are the best tennis shoes for wide feet. Choose a suitable one them for your tennis bag.

10.Skipping rope and Stretching Gear

You need to warm up and prepare yourself before any match or training. It is essential for every player because our body can not take lots of pressure instantly. By keeping skipping rope or stretching gear will help you a lot to warm up easily instead of going to the gym. Warming up also increases your blood pumping rate and blood circulation.

You can also use the massage roller for releasing trigger points and for giving comfort in the pain area.

11.Ice bag

If you are accidentally injured during a match or training, an ice bag will help you a lot. Firstly, you need not search for any ice bag. All you must do bring some ices and put them in the bag and use it in your injured area.

12.First Aid Kit

It is one of the crucial elements of any tennis bag. You should carry every type of tennis match or training. And some injury case is too common in tennis like muscle tightness or blisters.

You can add topical creams for muscle pain relief (temporary), ibuprofen, bandages, etc. in the first aid kit box.

13.Waterproof Wet Bag

You can add this for extra benefit. If your match lasts long, you will surely change some of your clothing. Or, you may take a shower. But where to keep your wet clothes? If you keep them with your tennis kit, they will spread ordure. Sometimes, they create health hazards. So, it is better to keep a waterproof wet bag along with you to keep the wet things separately.

14.A Notebook

This is an optional object you can carry in your tennis bag. You can use it for planning or writing down the conditions for better tactics. You can write down your points or other essential objectives here.

But what kind of tennis bag will you choose for yourself? Don’t worry I will give you a useful suggestion. From my point of view, the best tennis backpacks are “Nike court tennis backpack“, “Nike Court Advantage Duffel”, “Tecnifibre Tour Endurance”, “Vessel Baseline Racquet Bag”, “Wilson Federer Tennis Bag Series”, “wilson advantage tennis bag series”, “Babolat Pure Tennis Racquet Backpack” etc. So, choose a suitable one for them.

Final Notes

Well, these are the essential things you can keep in your tennis bag. To prepare for the court, you need to keep these tennis gears in your bag. And I hope that this article meets up your question.

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