Wilson clash vs blade

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Are you concerned about the ideal string pattern for a tennis racket? Then discussing Wilson clash vs blade can help you to recognize. Both have unique and individual string patterns.


Wilson Clash and blade are popular tennis racket models from the reputed brand Wilson. These rackets are similar in their design, head size and technology. But the string pattern is quite individual when compared between Wilson clash and Wilson blade.

This guide will explain the details of these two popular racket models. So, let’s start.

Wilson clashes vs blade: Overview

Before the detailed discussion, we briefly overview two of Wilson’s most popular racket models so that you can easily understand their difference.

Head Size 100 sq. in. 98 sq. in.
Balance 310 mm / 9 pts HL 320 mm / 7 pts HL
Stiffness 55RA 63RA
Weight 295 g / 10.4 oz 304 g / 10.7 oz
Length 27 in. 27 in.
Power level Medium to advanced Beginner to medium
Best for Hard hit and power Control and precision

What are the details of the Wilson clash and Wilson blade string?

Wilson clash racket has varieties of strings. Most importantly, string type should be ideal according to the player’s preference and playing style. Among all strings, Wilson sensation 16G is best recommended. Note that 16G is considered the best string because of the superior comfort, power and feel. Besides, Wilson clash has flexible frame technology. Besides, the tennis expert recommends using the 16G is 48-58 lbs. tension.


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On the other hand, polyester and co-polyester string are highly suggested for the Wilson blade racket. This mentioned string works great for better control, durability and spin. Wilson Revolve, Babolat RPM Blast, Luxilon ALU Power, and Solinco Hyper-G are the most used string for the Wilson blade racket.

Wilson clashes vs blade Comparison

Here we will compare the Wilson clash and Wilson blade based on some factors. Since the string pattern has the most difference, let’s start with the string pattern.

String Pattern:

Wilson clash is designed with a unique “FreeFlex” string pattern. FreeFlex patterns exist with wider space at the racket center and closer to the edge of the racket. As a result, the tennis player gets a larger sweet spot, flexibility, power and control.

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On the other hand, Wilson strings are evenly distributed through the racket. It is good for consistent feel and control when hitting on the ball. But the center hit is less powerful than Wilson’s clash.

Apart from the string pattern, a tennis racket has another important criterion for choosing the ideal one. A Wilson clash string patterned tennis racket is recommended for a larger spot and power. And the Wilson blade would be great for consistency and control. Also, note that the best string for Wilson clash is 100 v2 with 17 gauge.

Head Size:

Wilson’s clash head size is 107 square inches, which is great for a power player who loves to hit on the ball with strength. But it is tricky to control.
Wilson clash vs blade 1

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On the contrary, the Wilson blade racket head size is 98 square inches. It is ideal for the mid-level player who needs enough control over the tennis ball.


Both Wilson clashes and Wilson blades exist with individual Qualities, styles and advantages. Wilson clash is designed with more spin and power, suitable for medium to advanced-level tennis players. But the Wilson blade is designed with more feel and control that is helpful for beginners and intermediate-level tennis players.


Wilson clash is a more advanced tennis racket designed with modern technology. It has an advanced string pattern and a larger sweet spot. On the other hand, the Wilson blade is made with comparatively older technology. It is good enough for the ideal feel and control over the tennis ball.


  • Wilson Blade or Wilson Clash, which is overall good for tennis?

The answer bit is controversial because each racket has good individual good features. They are similar in power, feel, spin, comfort and control. However, the blade is comparatively heavier and provides more power. On the contrary, the clash is lighter than the blade with more control. So, you will get more feel from the blade racket. And the clash offers a softer spin than the blade.

  • Is Wilson Blade better than Clash?

Wilson’s blade is less powerful than Wilson’s clash. A player can hit on the ball with a blade racket for full swings and faster speed. All features of a Wilson blade are suitable for beginners to medium players. But a Wilson clash is better for the advanced-level player.

  • Is the Wilson Clash a powerful racket?

Yes, Wilson clash is a powerful racket. If you want enough power, control and spin, then Wilson clash is an ideal racket. But the downside is that beginners need help to adjust to this high-end tennis racket. Especially the string design is unique to other Wilson racket models. So, it is very powerful for the unique string pattern. Do you want to know more thing about wilson clash see here 

Final Words:

We hope you got details on Wilson clash vs blade tennis rackets. Wilson blade and clash are both highly powerful and reputed racket models. But there have several differences between these. The unique string pattern is the biggest difference between these rackets. Besides, they are different in their head size, design and technology. Let us know if you have any unknown facts about the Wilson blade and clash racket.

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