Most Soft And Absorbent Wilson pro overgrip reviews in 2023

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Whenever searching for the best tennis overgrip, Wilson Pro will be the first preference from the experts. Whether you are a beginner or pro-level tennis player, this overgrip will meet your expectations. Overgrip is a durable cover that is put on the racquet’s handle for a super-smooth grip.


The racquet’s original grip may not be perfect after playing some time. In turn, you will lose the stickiness that impacts the whole performance. If you want a real grip and feel the stability, then Wilson Pro overgrip is for you. For sweaty hands, it is also very effective and prevents slipping.

In the article, you will get to know the Wilson Pro overgrip review. You can explore all the features of the overgrip. You will convince to enjoy a grippy experience.


About Wilson Pro Overgrip

Manufacturer by the Wilson Sporting Goods Co. is a famous American brand for creating and distributing tennis equipment. You can find out the best tennis ball from this brand. However, the Wilson Pro overgrip is suitable for all levels, ages, or styles, and it is available in multiple colors, but the users like the white color most.  But the Wilson Pro overgrip black looks standard. Furthermore, you can easily keep it in the best tennis backpack.


If you will use it for the first time, then the feel can be accompanied by a fluffy blanket. This Wilson perforated Pro overgrip  provides you a softer feel like a new-sweater. It is durable yet comfortable.

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While comparing between Wilson Pro overgrip comfort vs. feel, there will be no difference. Only pro tennis players know how important it is to feel comfortable for an extended tournament.  So using it on the handle, you will get a comfortable grip and perform a win-win match.


Wilson Pro can effectively absorb the moisture that is emitted from hands. Hands become sweaty during hot days or after playing for some time. As a result, the racquet’s holder becomes slippery and slips easily. Many players have been broken the handle because of slipping on the serve. So you need a high-quality overgrip.


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Absorbance is an important quality in an overgrip. If you buy a poor overgrip, it costs a lot of money. In that case, Wilson Pro is a worthwhile overgrip, but one piece of overgrip doesn’t last for a long time. It will be better if you regularly put on a new one. Wilson Pro overgrip 30 pack is ideal for you for often changing, and it easily fits a Nike court tennis backpack.

This overgrip has an extreme absorbance ability that locks the moisture instantly. You can enjoy a sweat-free and non-slippery tennis match.


Thickness is a crucial part of an overgrip. If you put on a super thick overgrip, it will change the feel of the racquet’s handle. Changing the feel can impact the whole playing time. The Wilson Pro is the only solution for it.

This overgrip is very thin and provides you the actual feel of the handle. It is stretchy too for securely fit in the racquet. Wilson pro sensation overgrip is 25% thinner than the classic Wilson Pro. So if you want a superb feel, then it will be a great choice for you.

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Wilson Pro is an excellent tack for tennis players that gives you a great feel in every shot. It helps to stay connected with the racquet to hit perfectly everything. You can stretch as much as thin you need. So it helps you to give ultimate performance.

A Tennis Pro’s Ultimate Choice

Sometimes an expensive racquet may give poor performance because of ugly grip. You can prevent this loss using the Wilson Pro overgrip. If you research the biopic of the best tennis players, Wilson Pro was their best companion. Being a beginner, you can play like a pro using this grip protection.

If you want perfection, you must have this overgrip. Actually, it completes the racquet, but many beginner players don’t consider an overgrip cover. If you desire to train yourself as a pro, you should purchase it. The pack of this overgrip is very affordable that fits your budget.


  • Affordable price.
  • Cushioned overgrip.
  • Very thin and stretchy.
  • Comfortable to maintain.
  • Quickly absorb sweat.


  • Lack of durability and need to change often for a better feel.

Frequently Asked Question

1.Which overgrip is the best?

Wilson Pro overgrip is the best that meets your demands. It is super thin, comfortable, and absorbs moisture quickly. Moreover, this brand is trending for many years with the user’s trust. Wilson Pro is great for tennis players of all levels.

2.How do you use the Wilson Pro overgrip?

Using the Wilson Pro overgrip is super easy. You need to follow some simple steps:

  • Remove the older overgrip from the racquet’s handle.
  • Take the Wilson Pro overgrip and pull off the plastic from the back.
  • Place the adhesive tape on the bottom of the racquet, and slowly wrap the tap over the handle. You should start from the left to right.
  • Stretch the overgrip tightly that prevents wrinkles and gives you a thinner feel.
  • Again wrap to the top of the handle; it may have the extra excessive tape. Use the scissors to cut the excess.
  • Put some extra grip tape on the top for more security.
  • Congratulations, your racquet is ready to hit.

3.Do you put an overgrip over the original tape?

An overgrip tape can be put over the original tape. Using a new tape will give you a brand new racquet feeling. If you apply over the base tape, the overgrip can be easily removed.

4.What overgrip pro use? 

Wilson Pro overgrip is the first choice of the pro. Professional tennis players also use this brand’s overgrip.


Overgrip is an effective accessory on the tennis court, and it is considered an unsung hero. It not only protects the racquet but also gives you the ultimate grip for making an effective shot. The Wilson Pro overgrip is the ultimate choice for pro-level tennis players. You will get a soft feeling and comfortable touch. If you are a beginner, an overgrip helps you to maintain easily.So no more lousy tournament for wrong racquet handle.

Is Wilson Pro overgrip is best? To know more you can see Wilson Pro overgrip review. I believe this blog can help you to know about this grip.

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